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Basic Concept of 5S-KAIZEN-TQM Approach



JULY, 2017

Presentation outline

• Introduction and background of 5S-KAIZEN-TQM


• What do 5S –KAIZEN-TQM activities target

• Benefits of 5S – KAIZEN-TQM activities

• In 2000, Dr. Wimal Karandagoda, Director of Castle Street Hospital
in Sri Lanka, first applied this industrial tool (approach) to health
• He invented the stepwise approach from 5S to KAIZEN then to
• KAIZEN is a Japanese word for the Continuous Quality
• This problem solving process can spread to whole organization
under the top management’s leadership.
• The success is based on bottom up approach “5S” as the
continuous team approach “KAIZEN”
• 5S-KAIZEN-TQM originated in the operational management in
Japanese manufacturing industry. However in recent years the
focus has shifted from manufacturing industry to the cutting-age
emerging service providers.

• Objective of this approach have been transferred to the value co-

creation activities of service sector including health care and
medical services.
• In health sector there is always a mismatch between demand and
supply of resources for health with demand being higher than

• In the hospital setting there is a lot of problems which needs to be

addressed by management and frontline health workers
Resource Financial
Time Problems


What do we do with all these problems in our settings ??? What about
management and front line workers
Let’s come together and navigate through with an appropriate
approach than waiting for some one to offer a help/ assist
What is 5S
• 5S is a philosophy and a way of organizing and managing the workspace and work flow with the
intent to improve efficiency by eliminating waste, improving flow and reducing process
unreasonableness (Working Environment Improvement)

• 5S can do the following:-

• Identify Abnormalities

• Identify wastes and reduce the wastes

Over processing Unnecessary Unnecessary Unnecessary Unnecessary

transportation waiting inventory Over production
• Improve safety motion
• Improve productivity
• Reduce cost
• Increase Morale
• Improve delivery of services
What is “KAIZEN” ?
• “KAIZEN” is continuous problem solving process to improve
working environment, process and conditions with existing
• KAIZEN are adopted not only to clinical setting but also several
hospital management settings in health care facilities
• KAIZEN can help a hospital to create “continuous quality
improvement culture” to meet internal and external clients’
• Make things better step by step and the target is “your work”
What is “Lean thinking”
(Lean management) ?
• Is a process of eliminating waste from your working environment
with the goal of adding value.
Types of Waste in work place

Two ways communication and
improve organization
What Kaizen can help ?
• Find root causes of problems and solutions
• Improve management skills
• Improve/promote quality of services
• Strengthen team work
Total Quality Management
• TQM is a multi-disciplinary and participatory processes which
optimize all categories of activities in all departments/units and
staff for realizing high quality services

• TQM process, (consisting of 5S and KAIZEN), should be a part

of institutional managerial framework for seeking high
productivity and quality of services delivery
What TQM can do?
• Improve quality of the final product or services
• Increase customer satisfaction
• Visible growth of health setting
• Help on making right decisions of existing resource for success
• Reduction of cost
• Managing whole facility with certain level of quality
• NOTE: 5S-KAIZEN-TQM Approach is the step-wise quality
improvement approaches that can be done and applied in any
organization and by anyone with:
• Little knowledge
• Little dedication
• Little hard work and
• A very big positive attitude
Thank you for listening