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Where do I find Premiere Pro crash

logs on Windows?

Follow these steps to find Premiere Pro crash logs on Windows:

1. Open Windows Explorer by pressing the Windows+E keys.

2. Unhide hidden folders by following these instructions:
3. Navigate to the following folder to collect the crash log
How to fix workspace related issues in
Premiere Pro?
Follow these steps to resolve the issues mentioned above:
1. Quit Premiere Pro

2. Navigate to Documents > Adobe > Premiere Pro > 13.0 [if you're working in
Premiere Pro CC 2018, go to 12.0]

3. Rename the Layouts folder to Old_Layouts

4. Launch Premiere Pro and create a new project

5. From the Premiere Pro menu bar, choose Window > Workspaces and
deselect Import Workspace from Projects

6. Save & close the empty project

7. Open the project that you have to work in

How do I reinstall a previous version of
Premiere Pro?
To reinstall a previous version of Premiere Pro, follow these steps:

1. Open the Creative Cloud desktop application.

2. Click on the Apps tab.
3. Find Premiere Pro in the list and click on the drop-down menu on the right.
4. Click Manage > Other Versions and choose the previous version of Premiere Pro
that you want to install on your computer.
What is project locking, and how do I
use it?
Project locking helps multiple editors in a workgroup environment who are
working together on a single Premiere Pro project by warning them when a
project is currently in use by another user (opened for read/write access) so
they can wait for that user to stop editing the project before opening the
project for write access themselves. Alternatively, other users can open a locked
project in "read only" mode, where they can copy or drag and drop elements
from the locked project or playback sequences for viewing only.
What is the Essential Sound panel in
Premiere Pro?
Audition's Essential Sound panel is now accessible in Premiere Pro, offering a
powerful audio editing experience without the need to leave the Premiere Pro.
The Essential Sound panel lets users assign mix types to clips, with built-in tools
for each type of content: dialogue, music, and sound effects. There are also
more audio effects available within Premiere Pro, along with seamless
transitions to Audition, and Premiere Pro also supports ambisonic audio export.
What are the new tools in the Toolbar?
The Type Tool (and Vertical Type Tool): shaped like the Letter T, this allows you to click
in the Program Monitor to type a title. You can also drag a box with the tool to define
an area for text creation.

Rectangle Tool: shaped like a box, create square and rectangular shapes by dragging
the tool.

Ellipse Tool: shaped like an oval, create round and oval shapes by dragging the tool.
Where is the Legacy Titler in Premiere
Pro 2019
The Title menu is no longer included. In its place is the Graphics menu,
however, the original Titler is not included in the list of choices on that menu.
Here is the new location for the Legacy Titler:

File > New > Legacy Title

You can also create a custom keyboard shortcut for launching the Legacy Titler.
What is the Essential Graphics panel?
The Essential Graphics panel gives you all the tools you need for graphics and
titles in one place including the ability to change fonts, colors, position, as well
as complex behaviors – and makes it easy to save Motion Graphics templates for
re-use, or sharing, right inside Premiere Pro. You can browse for Motion
Graphics templates included in Premiere Pro, or create and save your own
templates. When working with After Effects created Motion Graphics templates
in Premiere Pro all changeable parameters are revealed within the Essential
Graphics panel.
Playback issues with H.264 media
If you're getting playback issues with H.264 media on a Windows
machine, do the following:

-Choose Preferences > Media, and then deselect "Enable hardware

accelerated decoding (requires restart)“
How do I reinstall Premiere Pro CC
If Premiere Pro CC 2014 has been uninstalled, see these instructions to
reinstall it.

1. After the application is installed, choose Help > Updates...

2. Premiere Pro will be updated to Premiere Pro CC 2014.2 (8.2)

Metal vs. OpenCL
Premiere Pro 2019 provides support for Metal - a graphics technology from Apple
that allows the CPU and GPU to work more effectively, delivering better

To enable Metal, follow these steps:

Choose File > Project Settings > General…

Select Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration (Metal) from the Video
Rendering and Playback drop-down menu
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