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Lloyd Ac

Eshan swami
Target consumer
The main focus in this
Business Objective
advertisement was on
To increase the sales growth
Young Couples(married and
by increasing market
unmarried)with middle to
penetration, and increase
high level income, and to
the happiness quotient of
make their initial phase of
the consumers
relationship more
Communication challenge

The main thought which is Insight

conveyed in this ad is
“happiness can be The insight that Lloyd use to
influenced by the reinforce the idea is
environment(temperature, “keeping your partner happy
humid level, fragrance) , taking care of small things is
around us. And this that value is very important
environment can be to build a good future
controlled with the help of relationship
AC(Lloyd) to enhance your
partner’s mood.
Benefit: Functional benefit:
Lloyd Ac helps in Attributes resulting Attribute:
making the to rapid cooling Cooling to 18 C in
environment and wireless 45 sec
pleasant which connectivity plug and play
keeps your provides easier drive for wireless
partner happy by handling and control 2.0
caring about comfortable
small things in life
Reason To Believe(RTB)
Ranveer and Deepika(proxy
celebrity) endorsing the ad,
influences more people. As a
follower people always try to
sneak into their lives and follow
them. Additionally all the
attributes shown backs up the
benefit and reasons to look for
the product
Story Telling
It uses the colloquial phrase “Khayal
Rakhenge, Khush Rakhenge” to
associate the advertisement with the
care and consideration that couples
in love share between
themselves. Additionally, having
Ranveer and Deepika who were the
most popular couple when this
advertisement was aired had the
effect of effectively capturing the
attention of the viewer and Ranveer’s
verbal play where he commits to care
about Deepika after their marriage
sets the stage for the message Lloyd
wishes to communicate through the
Lloyd Ac found an opportunity
to create an environment
which influences the mood of
an individual, thereby making
their life and relationship
better( as in this ad taking care
of small thing in life makes your
partner happier and leads to
better relationship)
If I was the brand manager.
 Case 1) If the Ac has automatic temperature controlling facility.
 Then in this case we can add a scene in the end- “Deepika felt
cold all of sudden, and the temperature of
 the AC goes down automatically and then ranveer saying -even
in my absence it will take care of your comfort”.
 Case 2) If the Ac has no automatic temperature control-
 Since the advertisement was about a new product launch which
was not highlighted anywhere in the clip. So we can
 Give a little information regarding new Ac which is to be
launched. Its attribute will attract more customers and, in the
 end we can add scenes involving people of different age groups(
showing it takes care of everyone.)