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How to become an Occupational

Health Specialist
Health defined as a proper well being of humankind without being
interrupted by any disorder or disease; be it mentally or physically. Henceforth,
it has become an important factor for any community to make serious efforts
towards health. According to an epidemiological studies done in Africa by World
Health Organization (WHO), people are dealing with certain health issues such
as HIV- AIDS (60% of the people), Leprosy (less than 1 case per 10,000 people),
malarial diseases (More than 90% of the estimated 300–500 million malaria
cases that occur worldwide every year are in Africans), etc. and to maintain the
high state of awareness among population various private and governmental
sectors are giving their valuable inputs to serve the nation in various forms.
Hence, along with them, various educational organizations are also giving their
efforts in providing high educational qualification in such sectors to greater
Occupational Health Specialist is
one of the programs provided by
educational sectors to serve the
humankind. Hence, it has become a
great opportunity for students who
want to pursue their career in
public health degrees whether
Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D.
Various positions for health specialist in AFRICA
• Occupational Safety and Health Specialists
• Occupational Safety and Health Technicians
• Occupational Safety and Health Specialists and Technicians
• Industrial Hygienist
• Health Physicist
• Environmental protection officer
• Fire Engineers
• Health and Safety Engineers
• Environmental scientists and Specialists
• Construction and Building Inspectors

Job Roles
The work profile for these positions is provided time to time by various divisions or sectors
of society such as governmental organizations, construction places, manufacturing units, people
dealing with management, scientific and technical consulting services along with hospitals located
in local, state or at private levels.
Occupational Safety and Health Specialists job
role is to:
• Check the efficacy of the work environment
• Whether the work station is following complete rules or regulations to
conduct hazardous work
• Create paperwork or reporting of the agencies or their workspace
• Complete awareness of health in the industries and hospitals
• Commute with the workers and design the structure or space for working
• Provide proper counseling on use of equipment
• Inquire prior incidents and accidents so that it could be prevented
• Educate the population in the prevention and maintaining the safety level
Academic requirements
• Bachelor’s degree is a must for pursuing Occupational Health and Safety Specialist. This
degree provides the students with fundamentals and laws to be followed for maintaining
proper health; be it legal or ethical. It provides basic knowledge of safety and health in
various fields.
• Masters degree and Ph.D. degree as a specialization needed for Occupational Health and
Safety Specialist in posts like industrial hygiene or health physics, accident prevention in
hospitals and the role of occupational health specialist in writing and communication for
various groups of society.

Experience required
• Minimum of 5 years by many employers
• As a fresher, one can also enter after getting appropriate training in the required field
and by applying to certain posts.
Skills required
• One should have an appropriate idea about basic technologies related to the field to make
considerable profits for an organization.
• Must have the potential to handle complex and strategic works.
• Good communication skills to get in touch with employers as sometimes they need to give
instructions and various tips to the working professionals.
• The complete orientation of details to be provided as they need to comply with varied roles and
responsibilities with them.
• Must have the strong physical stamina to travel around for a certain period of time.
• Must have handling and problem-solving skills to prevent workers from varied environmental and
working issues.
Career prospects
• Career aspects and role of Occupational Health and Specialist include industries such as
environmental organizations, pharmaceuticals industries, Medical colleges, and Hospitals.
Numerous Occupational Health Specialist job includes jobs in governmental organizations too as
they are keen on providing awareness to the society for the well being of common people
residing in Africa.
• Texila American University is among the paramount Universities in Africa providing
courses related to Public Health and their safety along with others. Various important
aspects of public health including Occupational Health are covered as a part of Bachelors,
Masters, and Ph.D. degrees. It helps in entailing students in government and private

• It helps in deliberating good skills over public health. We are engaged with best faculties,
infrastructure and highly developed practical knowledge to our students in providing a
career in Occupational Public Health and Safety sector.

• Day by day with dedicated faculties and determined students we are achieving
milestones as the most trusted professionals offering public health degrees with more
than 6000 students and alumni. Here awaits a prominent opportunity for the greater
minds to apply for a public health degree with Texila American University and get
enrolled for our BPH, MPH or Ph.D. in public health programs.
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