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Job Title

Project Manager

Group 2
Key Result Areas
S No KRA Description Measurement
Establish a budget, Create contingencies, Constantly (at least bi-weekly) Cost Overruns from the budgeted
1 Project Cost review and re-forecast costs to complete to identify potential problems value
early enough to mitigate or correct any out of budget tasks.

Estimate the resources and participants needed to achieve project goals >=95% of Resource Utilization in terms
2 Utilization of Resources and track resource hours expended on the project. hours spent

Create and monitor the project schedule, prioritize and sequence time Number of milestones achieved
3 Milestones Achieved frames associated with changing elements of a project, milestones are the against the baselines
significant points in time or an event that mark important moments during
the project.

<=2 % defects during User Acceptance

4 Quality Metrics Quality Control and Quality Assurance Testing

Change Management Metric based on questions that ask clients to rate >=98%
5 Client Satisfaction their satisfaction with the project
Key Performance Areas
S. No KPA Measurement
• Creates an atmosphere of 'can do' & positive thinking
1 Leadership • Supports team members when difficult situations arise
• Works in an inclusive manner & encourages team to do the same
• Demonstrates effective leadership and show personal interest in team members , their careers and

• Clearly express ideas & information

2 Communication • Employs active listening
• Facilitates free-flowing communication (internal/external)
• Keeps team & others informed of issues affecting them
• Communicate effectively to translate understanding of organization mission & vision

• Passionate about every client's success, puts them first, listens for need, and find opportunities to bring new
3 Client Relationship ideas and add value.
• Partners with all relevant stakeholders, focuses on outcomes - helping every client succeed

• Forward thinker.
4 Innovation • Seeks out grand challenges as well as incremental improvements - whether in technology or in how you work
and what organization delivers

• Continuously finds opportunities to learn and apply new skills strategic to Organization and needed to be
5 Skills successful in the role.
• Recognized for expertise and shares it with others.
Key Performance Areas.. contd
KPA Measurement
Project planning • Map out a project’s critical path
• Identify important milestones,
• Pinpoint dependencies and constraints and assign tasks to users.
• Set baselines for scope, budget and timeline.
Project tracking • Compare actuals to estimates (e.g., actual expenses vs. planned budget and actual schedule vs. planned
• Timeline report status to stakeholders.
• Aggregate data, create dashboards and run reports.
Budgeting • Manage project expenses, compare costs to budgets and track financial performance
• Proves early detection and warning of potential overruns.
• Helps management forecast revenue and profitability.
Resource management • Identify employee skill sets, track each employee’s workload and availability and allocate them to projects accordingly.
• Forecast staffing needs and make proactive hiring/training decisions.
Risk management
• Manage both positive and negative occurrences that result from a project.
• Identify risks, assess their impact (perform both qualitative and quantitative analysis),
• Respond, monitor and control the impact.

Portfolio management • Coordinate project management efforts across a portfolio of work.

• Tie project efforts to strategic goals.
• Use project evaluation criteria to evaluate which projects take priority and receive funds and staffing.