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3 Explain how human

relations are transformed by
social systems.
A. New knowledge
B. Policy Making
C. Economic Sphere
D. Social Realm
E. Technology
F. On Friendship (Women’s)
Change as a Condition of Modern Life
• Industry change socio-political conditions.
– People flocked to manufacturing centers.
– Factory workers has to work for long hours.
– This revolutionary change affects the whole of humanity.
– There was an emerging pattern of modernity, from wide
diversity of traditional values and institutions, and peoples
of all nations are confronted with challenges that defines
their attitudes that are worldwide in scope.
New knowledge
• Phenomenal growth of knowledge in modern age
increase our understanding of nature and applied
it in human affairs.

• Systems of knowledge in particular field gravely

affect our understanding and behaviour in

• Such growth in knowledge is continuing without

any slackening of pace.
Policy Making
• The most important consequences of the
application of this new knowledge to human
affairs has been the increased integration of
policy making

• There is an increase of centralization in

communications, government functions, legal
system, and social organization.
Economic Sphere
• New knowledge contributed to the technical
• Mechanization of labour that resulted in mass
• An increasing division of labour.
• Greater quantity of goods available.
Social Realm
o New knowledge have great impact in
traditional way of life.

o Literacy is virtually universalize.

o Health has also greatly improved
o Success now is not predominantly inherited
but it depends on individual achievement.
Social Realm
• Modernization has changed power relationships
among societies by rapidly strengthening the
position of some at the expense of others.
• Societies have become more interdependent.
• Increasing interdependence has lead to
development of more orderly procedures for
regulating relations among societies, such as
diplomatic practices, conference, and
international law.
Social Realm
• Modernization is seen as part of the universal
experience and holds great hope for the
welfare of humanity.
• But also many respect it leads to destructive
• It has created mass society, where privacy,
individualism, and quality tend to be
submerged by standards of taste and
administrative process.
Social Realm
• The rise of global consciousness increase the
probability that world will be reproduced as a
single system.

• Television tends to be watched by huge,

widespread, and undifferentiated audiences
enabling people to see people from the other
end of the world.
Social Realm
• Technology has made homogenizing trend of
lifestyle possible among young people
everywhere in the world.

• It is facilitated by gadgets, cell phones

computers listening to music, entertainment
which is promoting to think, feel, and behave
Social Realm
• Although the world is becoming more and
more unified, it in not becoming more and
more integrated.

• We are immersed in paradoxical situation.

Nationalism and regionalism contributed to
reinforce the type of individualism that
excludes others.
Social Realm
• Social systems, indeed gravely transform how
people relate to each other bring with them
the imprints of experiences of the increasing
globalized consciousness.
• Technology also change the way we look human
being and society.
• Science has greatly influenced the picture we
have of human existence and what is essential to
• Humanity does not live according to the natural
cycles regulated by natural rhythms anymore
• It is governed by a “second nature” that is an
artificial environment characterized by the result
of technology.
• Technology replace natural cycle itself.

• The presence of a relation between material

and non-material, physical and non-physical,
and between heaven and earth tends to be
denied or found unacceptable.
• Technology has encroached upon all matters that in the
past were considered to be the right of God in His creation.

• Modern people cannot isolate themselves and live without


• Science and technology had functioned as the “saviour”

with the power to set us free. It liberated human beings
from ignorance, underdevelopment, and poverty.

• Science and technology have become the most distinctive

symbol of human autonomy.
• Originally, science and technology were
developed to assist people solving their

• What happen is modernization prioritized

materialistic truth over non-materialistic one.

• Technology create complexities and

complications in life that can appear as the
destruction of the environment, isolation and loss
of sensitivity to human spirituality.
• We have los spiritual contact with other
people, with their environment, surrounding
nature, and with anything that has
transcendental characteristics.

• Modern technology has sacrificed humanity

and world together, leading to their
• Science and technology, in a broader sense is
the culture itself.
• It becomes and ideology. It is the knowledge
and consciousness and our powers of
• Technology has become humanity’s whole
attitude towards the human world.
On (women’s) friendship
• There is a quality of friendship between
women offering sympathy, learning,
validations, and advices.
On (women’s) friendship
True Friendship
– Female friends are extremely important to our
emotional and physical health.
– Strong female relationships lead to happiness and
healthier lives. Recovery from distress and
sufferings become easier.
– People with less or no friends at all tends, become
overweight, and not exercise.
On (women’s) friendship
• Miss “not Always Sweet.”
– Women’s envy, competition, recrimination, and
miscommunication can cause problems to their
– Negative portrayal of a best friend: betrayer
– Women may have also negative attitude towards
other women but they deny it.
– These is due to a cultural bias towards women in
terms of gender and echoed to also to women's
attitude towards other women.