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On another sabbath he

entered the synagogue and taught, and

there was a man there whose right hand
was withered. The scribes and the
Pharisees watched him to see whether
he would cure on the sabbath, so that
they might find an accusation against
him. Even though he knew what they
were thinking, he said to the man who
had the withered hand, “Come and stand
He got up and stood there.
Then Jesus said to them, “I ask
you, is it lawful to do good or to
do harm on the Sabbath, to save
life or to destroy it?” After
looking around at all of them, he
said to him, “Stretch out your
hand.” He did so, and his hand
was restored. But they were filled
with fury and discussed with one
another what they might do to
 Do you feel involved in the words of
Jesus: how do you commit yourself in
your service to life?
 Do you know how to create the
necessary conditions so that others
may live better?
 Do you know how to place at the
center of your attention and of your
commitment every person and all
their requirements?
Jesus, My, God, I adore You, here present in the Blessed
Sacrament of the altar, where you wait Your unveiled presence in
heaven. Jesus, My God, I adore You in all places where the
Blessed Sacrament is reserved and where the sins are committed
against this Sacrament of Love. Jesus, My God, I adore You for all
times, past, present, and future, for every soul that ever was, is or
shall be created. Jesus, My God, who for us has endured hunger
and cold, labor and fatigue, I adore you. Jesus, My God, who in
Holy Communion became the foo of my soul, I adore You. Jesus,
for You I live. Jesus for You I die. Jesus, I am Yours in life and death.
O, Lord, Great Spirit, We thank You for all the good gifts
you share with us.
We thank you for the food we eat, for the beauty of the
seasons and for the wonders of Your creation.
We thank You for friends and families and ask You to bless us
and watch over us all.
Most of all Lord, we thank You for sharing Your life with us,
and for the gifts of Your son, Jesus.
I pray for all those who are needing hope, love, joy,
strength and encouragement. I pray that You would work in
their hearts. Dry their tears and take away their fears. Be
their healer, comforter and provider. You know who is
struggling and You know each one by name. Please have
mercy and may they feel Your presence like never before.
In the name of Jesus I pray,
St. John Baptist De La Salle…
Pray for us.
Live Jesus in our hearts…