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September 19th, 2019

*Math – We will have an assessment tomorrow on patterns. When we

return from the break, we will be learning about Order of Operations. We will
Math: 30 minutes for the entire week of
not work with exponents, but will be using the PEMDAS method to solve Khan Academy on assigned topic. Math test
problems. Students will also need to know how to write a numerical
expression. This is an AC standard, however all students will complete this on patterns tomorrow. Our next test will be
unit. I will differentiate based on the type of problems given. We will have a on Thursday, October 10th.
classwork grade on Friday, October 4th, and our test will be on Thursday,
October 10th. Vocab: Look over vocabulary words for the
* Reading – We will continue completing a ReadWorks passage on the week. Students will need to take home their
computer this week. This will be our last one for the nine weeks. We will finish
our Read Aloud Wonder. Students will be given a study guide to help prepare Vocabulary spirals to study nightly. Words
them for the Open Notes test we will have on Tuesday, October 8th. Students are also posted on the blog. Vocabulary Quiz
may only use their Reading Spiral for the test. We will also focus on Theme
this week. October 11th on Weeks 7 & 8.
READ! Students should be reading 10-20
* Writing/ELA – We will review our grammar and writing for the
nine weeks. We will be working on Week 7 of our Vocabulary. minutes nightly.
S.S.: Begin reviewing Vocabulary
* Social Studies – We will continue our unit on the American
Revolution. We will be reading in our Weekly Studies. This unit will last
several weeks. We will not have a cumulative test on this material, but will
have several graded assignments throughout the unit. Please see Vocabulary
page in binder. We will have a grade on this October 8th. We will also be
learning about famous people and will have a grade on it October 4 th. Students
will be given a chart to study on October 2nd.

• I will be sending out a Sign-Up Genius link for

Conferences on Monday, September 30th in the
morning before 8:00 am. Please be sure to sign up for • Sept. 20th – PE; No ASA
a conference time. Please remember if you have more • Sept. 23rd-27th - FALL BREAK!
than 1 child at Timber Ridge it is harder to schedule • Sept. 30th – Music
them back-to-back in the time slots before school. • Oct. 1st- Art
• Please let me know if none of these work for you, so • Oct. 2nd – STEM; Learning Commons
we can try to find a time that works.
• Oct. 3rd - PE
• I am also attaching a calendar with the dates of
upcoming assignments and tests. I hope this helps in • Oct. 4th – PE
preparing for these things at home. • Oct. 7th - Music
• We are finishing up Wonder. We will have an open • Oct. 8th – Art
notes test on this. We will also be watching the • Oct. 9th – STEM; Counseling Lesson
movie in class on Friday, Oct. 11th so we can discuss • Oct. 10th - PE; Early Release
the differences from the book.
• Oct. 11th - PE; House Meeting; Fall Carnival