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National Institute of Fashion Technology was set up in 1986
NIFT has 15 centers across India and New Delhi is considered as one of the
best institute among all
• New Delhi
• Bangalore
• Chennai
• Gandhinagar
• Hyderabad
• Kolkata
• Mumbai
• Raebareli
• Bhopal
• Kannur
• Patna
The institute of fashion technology is an institute which deals with apparel design along with
the practical knowledge.
• It will undertake research, training in the field of fashion.
• It helps in not to lose sight of transforming Indian culture, traditions, aesthetic sensitivity and
heritage to create an Indian idiom of design, which is distinctive and strong in the world
• The institute will host seminars and fashion shows, which help the students in their education.
• To understand the characteristics and spatial requirement of the institute to design.

To understand the environment of the fashion technology and enroll architecture in the
creation of that space.
•To treat the circulation spine and corridors, as the display gallery for the art works in order to
create an interest and creative learning for the students.
•To provide spaces encouraging a good interaction within the students as a part of the natural
learning process.
• To develop a circulation pattern which makes the whole experience enjoyable.
•Landscape should play an important role to enhance creativity and mental and
psychological satisfaction of the people who will be a part of the institute . •Opportunity to
deal with the different attitude of the different building meant for various purposes, keeping
the harmony. •Site planning and layout plan of the whole project.
•Integration of open and built area will be considered an important design criteria.
•Classrooms and working areas will be provided with interesting interiors and space for the
display of the new creations.
• The institution will provide educational facilities to the students thus understanding the
works being performed in the fashion and textile industry.
• Works done will be promoted through exhibition halls and museum, helping the institute
to gain a new identity than other fashion institute .
• The goods displayed can be exported thus leading in the economic development of the
• This project will be the combination of art, architecture and design and thus creating a
landmark for the city like Haryana.


• Detailed analysis of the site. NIFT,Hyderabad
• Studying the requirements of the project.
• Literature study for the best understanding of the subject. NIFT,MUMBAI
• Visiting similar sites for reference and case study.
• Evolution of concept for designing.
• Finalizing the structures and requirements.
• Creating an aesthetic eco-friendly design for the project.