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STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result)

Know me better
• Keep myself updated with the world, technically Situation Task
and tactically
• Good observant, good analytical skills Workshops,
To Fit into the
Strategy and
Sessions, GLs, Case
Consulting Club of
• Team Player, Good work ethics IIM-Rohtak
Interview Prep and
competitions, LPs
and Magazine
• Think out of the box

• Delegated Rotaract Club as Secretary and

organized various events Have worked with
various Startups, Learnt team
have delegated management,
• Core Committee of Engineers Without Borders and various Clubs and Administration,
have successfully Delegation, Peer to
Rising Litera, worked to make a difference Organized several Peer learning and
events on small as Work ethics
well as large scales
• Interest in blogging and designing: worked with
two social media marketing start-ups
Past Action Results

Political Economical Social Technological Environmental Legal

• Government • Economy of a country • Buying behavior • Changes in • Economic growth • RBI provides
intervention impacts the amount of and necessities handling funds correlated directly regulations over
(corruption, or capital banks can • Consumers seek • Use of mobile apps with increased banks
specific legislative access knowledge for transactions consumption of • Strict laws
laws: labor laws, • Inflation affects regarding their • Implementation of resources and regarding privacy,
trade restrictions, currency and its value accounts, chips in debit cards pollution generation consumer laws, and
tariffs) • Foreign investments investments, loans to reduce • Recessions causes trade structures
• 6 new rules to reform depend on the • Advent of Net counterfeiting carelessness about • Control over NBFCs
bank boards currency value banking, online • Enhanced the environment expanded
• Consolidation of 10 • Exchange rates affect services reduce cybersecurity • Eco-friendly shift RBI updates fit &
public sector banks banks direct assistance due to Green proper norms for
into 4 mega banks • Investment of Rs. 70000 from banks Banking; reducing PSB boards
crore capital in public individual
sector banks environmental