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Economic Factor

1. Cause
- First because of the rampant culture of consumerism
and materialism.

- Media, especially movies and games. Currently, either

movies, soap operas, or many games that feature
violent scenes

- Weak social control. Each other is currently less caring.

- The condition of our country's reconstruction is still not

good enough. As the price of basic needs increases,
2. Prevention
- Improve infrastructure
Begal motors often occur in a quiet place and on a dark street. To prevent similar
cases of good number of street lighting plus, especially on dark and vulnerable

- Increase security
Creating security posts around locations prone to motorbike wheels. Not only
members of the police, residents can participate in doing the security.

- Fix mentally
Most of the offenders come from teenagers to the unemployed. This happens of
course because their mentality is wrong. For that it takes an important role from
the community and especially the family to provide guidance to the youth and

- - Spright and firm

Need good coordination between the community and members of the police as
law enforcers.
3. Management
- Stages of handling criminal acts,

a) Phase identification, utilizing the statistical numbers available for a particular

area. In the data we can know the incidence (number of events within a certain
time in a region), and prevalence (number of perpetrators of crime).

b) The diagnostic stage, ie finding the nature, escalation and background of

criminality occurs to help determine the action as an attempt to solve the

c) Treatment stage, is an ideal problem solving effort on a certain condition,

consisting of:
1) Rehabilitative effort, focusing primarily on the condition of the perpetrator of
crime of hijacking, especially the effort to make changes or improvement of its
behavior to conform to existing social norms or norms.
2) Preventive efforts, focus on prevention for criminal acts of marriage does not
happen. Can be done at the individual, group, or community level
4. Consequences
Negative impacts of criminal acts of aggression include,
a) Creating insecurity, anxiety, fear and panic in the community.
b) Much matter and energy are wasted in vain by criminal
c) Increasing the increasing economic burden to the majority of the
Meanwhile, the positive impacts of criminal acts are:
a) Cultivate a sense of solidarity in a society that is being terrorized by
a deterrent.
b) People seek to enlarge the power of the law, and add another
physical force to combat crime of brutality.
c) Criminal reporting rewards criminal offenders, helps criminal
prosecution criminals, arrests murdthe thief