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1. Define greatness.
2. Answer questions based on the
3. Compare and contrast similar
information presented in different
Task 1: Who is I?

 Form groups of four (4).

 Pick one (1) picture for you to
characterize. On the pieces of paper
provided, write as many GOOD
qualities/characteristics or identities
of the person that you’ve picked.
 Present your answers to the class.
Based from your answers, define

Greatness means:
 Greatness informal meaning : the very
good quality of something
 It can also be attributed to individuals
who possess a natural ability to be
better than all others.
 Something or someone that is larger in
size, quality, or quantity maybe called
Read the following texts and think about
the ways people celebrated the
greatness of the significant others.

Motive Question:
How do we celebrate the “greatness”
of the people we know?
Read or sing along.
Questions to answer:

1. When is Auld Lang Syne usually sung?

2. Who is being referred to in the song?
3. What makes the persona’s friends
4. What experiences have they gone through?
5. Why do Filipinos love to sing this song
during New Year’s celebration?

Motive Question:

Who do we consider truly

Questions to answer:

1. What distinct quality of those who are

great does the persona mention in the
first stanza?
2. Based on the second stanza, what
should not be forgotten?
3. What legacy do great people leave
behind them?
1. Nature pays tribute to persons of
2. The persona recounts old memories
of friendship.
3. The text is marked with vivid imagery.
4. Personification is utilized by the
5. The text talks about what endures
through time.
Task 3: Finding Similarities and differences

A. Let’s play:
 Divide yourselves into two groups.
 As the teacher flash the statement on the TV
screen, tell whether the statement refers to
poem 1 or poem 2.
 For every correct answer, the group need to
supply it with details from the poem; otherwise
the group will only get 1 point but if the answer is
complete, 2 points.
 The group with the higher score wins.
6. This poem is an attempt to describe what
makes a person “truly” great.
7. The persona stated the qualities of those
who were truly great.
8. This poem is written in free verse with
three stanzas containing eight, seven, and
eight lines, respectively.
9. This five-verse version of the poem means
let’s drink to the days gone by.
10. This poem is a global anthem generally
considered as a plea to remember long-
standing friendship.
B. Read the poems again. Note the
similarities and differences between the two
in terms of the use of figurative language and
its content. Copy and use the Venn diagram
to note your answer.
Text 1 text 2
Thank you for your
God bless every one.