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Explanation About

Acid Rain
By:Group 8
Explanation Text
• A. Definition of Explanation Text
Before starting to discuss the generic structure and characteristics of
explanation text and for example, We will start with the definition of
explanation text in English. "Explanation is a text which tells processes of
natural, social, scientific and cultural phenomena". Explanation is a text that
contains processes related to natural, social, scientific, cultural and other
• B. Purpose of Explanation Text • C. Generic Structure Explanation Text
To explain the processes involved in the General statement
formation or working of natural or socio-cultural
phenomena. about the general explanation of the
phenomena to be discussed, can be in the form of
The communicative purpose of explanation text introduction to the phenomenon or explanation.
is to explain the processes that occur in the formation
of something related to natural, social, scientific, Squenced of explanation
cultural, and other phenomena that aim to explain contains an explanation of the process of why
how or why this can happen. this phenomenon can occur or be created. A
squenced of explanation is an answer to the 'why'
question and 'how' is the author when making an
Explanation text. In squenced of explanation can
consist of more than one paragraph.
Actually closing is not listed in the generic
structure of Explanation text, but most people
assume that the last paragraph of an Explanation text
is closing, even though it is part of squenced of
exploration which contains the final step explained in
the squenced of explanation section.
• D. Characteristics of Explanation Text
a) An Explanation text usually comes from the author's question regarding
'why' and 'how' to an existing phenomenon.
b) Because what is raised is a phenomenon, the focus of the material is not on
the object or the person, but on the events or events that occur in the
person or object.
c) Using Simple Present Tens
Acid Rain
Acid Rain
Acid rain is a rain or any other form of rain or snow that is unusually acidic, meaning that it contains rain
with low potential of hydrogen (pH). It can cause harmful effects on plants, aquatic animals and infrastructure.
Acid rain is caused by the emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxide (NO), which react with the
water molecules in the atmosphere to produce acids.
Acid rain generally occurs in a big and crowded city, which have industrial areas and a lot of cars.
Combustion of fuels produces sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitric oxide (NO), then they are converted into sulfuric
acid and nitric acid trough some chemical prosesses. When the 2 solutions oxidize and form clouds, the aqueous
from drop in the form of acid cloud droplets. This phenomena is called acid rain.
Acid rain can cause a higher alumunium concentration in the surface water, which leads to the death of the
fish and making it more difficult to survive. The soil can also turned to be infertile and affecting sensitive
species. Buiding and statues whose made of rocks can get corrotion, However acid rain does not directly affect
human's health.
Although it is not really affect human's health, government still consider the nature and made some
regulations. Some of the regulations are vehicle emissions control and the installation of pollution control
General structure
• General statement: Paragraph 1
• Squenced of explanation: Paragraph 2 & 3
• Closing: Paragraph 4
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