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The Political Self

1987 Phil. Constitution Art 4, Sec 1

Those whose fathers
or mothers are citizens 01
of the Philippines Those born before January
17, 1973, of Filipino mothers,
02 who elect Phil. citizenship
upon reaching the age of
Those who are majority
naturalized in 03
accordance of law
The role of the young people cannot be ignored in the
shaping of our identity for it is from their ranks where Ri
zal came from.
Rizal was a person of enlightened education – one of
the illustrados , whose heightened conscience made it
difficult for him to forget the poor plight of his people.

From Indio to Filipino
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Indios – stupid, barbaric, idiotic

According to the historian Leon Ma.
Guerrero, Rizal had race jealousy.

Race jealousy – a consciousness to prove that Filipinos are

equal with the other race.
The It was a bold move that
Indolence successfully announced, we
are Filipinos and we are not
of the indios.
People soon followed his
People example.
Little brown Americans American
defeated the Lifestyle
Americans Spaniards.
molded in the - Language
shape of Then it was
- Names
- Form of
Uncle Sam briefly
by Japanese
and British.
To establish a public school system which
would “cure the laziness and prepare him for a
large participation in the affairs of government”

For the Americans, they are giving us favor by staying here

and used the idea of Benevolent Assimilation.
Then came our independence last June 12, 1898.

Democracy has been challenged during the time

President Marcos.

EDSA Revolution – deeper appreciation of

democracy and liberty. There was a hunger in the
exercise of political freedom and right.

Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino – The Filipinos are worth dying for.

However, the idea of democracy did not emerge
from our identity but forced on us and our identity
was rigidly shaped by the colonizers especially the

Every citizen should be part of nation building,

who has concerted effort of voices coming
together in unison.
Society has Social media is a
In 2015, we given the powerful stage
are a very ordinary of expression.
Filipino a This is the new
highly Social venue for an platform to use
Nation. expression of towards a
their sincere path to
sentiments. positive change.
1987 Phil. Constitution Art 2, Sec 5

Maintenance of
peace and order 01

02 Protection of life, liberty

and property
Promotion of
general welfare 03

To enjoy democracy, these should be provided by the government.

1994 Study - Contemporary Philippine Value
Standing when the
national anthem played
Awareness of community
02 affairs
Payment of taxes

Participation during
04 election
The Flag and Heraldic Code of the
Philippines state that when the national
anthem is being played, one must
stand and sing while placing the right
hand over the left chest. The penalty
for failure to do so is imprisonment for
a year and fine from P5,000-P20,000.
Redistributive Democracy

There is a clamor to have a better redistribution

of resources and capabilities – land, income, and
wealth. 7 out of 10 farmers are not landowners.

The law was passed 27 years ago hoping to

balance the status and to answer the
demands of social justice.

- “me/us family only” attitude

- Loyalty to a very limited immediate community
- Lack of concern for the common good

Indigenous people have a strong sense of

community and thus, prioritize common
good over individual rights.
Typical Good Citizen
1. Honesty
2. Loyalty to larger community
3. Collective pride and national identity
4. Diligent taxpayer
5. Honest voter
6. Follows traffic rules
7. Knows how to defend one’s rights
8. Defends those who cannot defend themselves
9. Cares for the environment
10.Honors equality between men and women
Minority Majority
They are
Typically, the
2 Categories culturally,
ethnically, or Tagalog/English
of community racially distinct speakers and
group that with
coexists but is Christianity/Cat
subordinate to a holicism as the
more dominant basis of faith.
In order for us to establish a democratic culture, the
following values are necessary

Respect for Recognition

And of the inheren Concern for Willingness
affirmation t dignity of the public to listen to
of the all human good others
individual being
Citizenship – one’s Nationalism – loyalty and devotion t
political identity in one state o one’s nation

National identity – may be viewed a

Constitution – the
s the set of meanings and predispo
highest law of the land
sition defining one’s attachment or
sense of belonging to a national co
Democracy – a form of govern
ment whose ideal is that all the
Participative democracy – emphasi
adult members of a state shoul
s on the participation of the memb
d enjoy the right to participate i
ers to the different political proces
n deciding in public matters.