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The Iliad:

Book 7-9

Julio Zaine F. Perez
Antonique Ciastiflor Pilario
BOOK 7: Hector vs Aias,
Trojans propose truce
 Hector and Paris went back to battle
 Athena saw Danaans dying, so she swooped down from Olympos
 Apollo called out Athena, and had an agreement to stop the battle
 Helenos the Diviner informed Hector that he must challenge all comers
to a single combat
 Hector agrees, then challenges the Danaans but no one was brave enough
to face him
 Menelaos became disappointed, and decided to fight Hector
 Agamemnon stops Menelaos, and Nestor taunted the Greek army
 9 men volunteered to fight Hector, and they drew lots to determine
Hector’s opponent
 Aias was picked, then he fought Hector
 Hector was beaten up, but Apollo helps him
 2 Heralds, Talthybios (Trojan) and Idaios (from Argives) stopped the duel
 Hector and Aias stopped fighting and became friends
 Agamemnon held a feast, and proposed to gather the dead and burn their
bodies. He also suggested to fortify and bulwark their ships and camp
 Trojans hold an assembly, and Antenor urges the return of Helen and her
wealth to the princes of Argos
 Priam Dardanides sent Idaios to the Danaans to present their proposals
 Danaans agreed with a truce for the dead, but not with Helen’s return
 Poseidon complains how the Danaans build their walls without sacrifices
 Zeus shuts Poseidon up, by suggesting Poseidon can destroy the walls
after the war.
BOOK 8: Zeus warns the
gods and goddesses,
Trojans prepare to attack
 Zeus warned the gods and goddesses not to help any sides of the war.
 Zeus rode his chariot and flew to Mt. Ida, to watch the war.
 Achaians and Trojans fought while Zeus balanced his golden scales, slightly
in favor of the Trojans
 Achaians lost confidence and one of Nestor’s horses got hit
 Diomedes asked some help from Odysseus, but got ignored so he went to
Nestor himself.
 Diomedes took Nestor with him in his chariot, and they fought Hector
 Diomedes shot and killed Eniopeus, Hector’s charioteer.
 Zeus struck a bolt in front of Diomedes’ horses, making them scared and leave
the location
 Hector boasted that he made Diomedes and his company run away
 Hera complained and yelled at Poseidon for not helping the Achaians
 Hector and his army proceeded to the wall with moat, Hera had Agamemnon
encourage his men, and pray to Zeus.
 Zeus sent an eagle with a young fawn to the altar, which was perceived as a
good omen.
 Teucros the archer tried to kill Hector but failed multiple times, so Hector
decided to hit him with a rock
 Achaians ran away to their wall
 Hera became angry, and asked Athena to help her retrieve the Achaian
 Zeus saw the two goddesses, so he sent Iris
 Hera and Athena returned to Olympos
 Zeus went back to the gods’ assembly, and asked why the 2 goddesses are
 Athena holds her tongue but Hera says her resentment towards Zeus
 Zeus said that Hector won’t stop fighting unless Achilles comes along the
 Hector and his men prepare to attack the enemy ships near the river
 10000 men watchfired around the ships, while their enemies slept.
BOOK 9: Agamemnon
repents and sends envoys
to Achilles
 Achaians panicked and Agamemnon insisted
on going home.
 Diomedes refused to leave, Nestor spoke.
 Agamemnon offered his gifts.
 Phoinix, Aias, and Odysseus persuaded
 Phoinix told his story with Achilles.
 Aias called Achilles as hard-hearted,then left.
 Odysseus imparted Achilles’ message to
 Diomedes cleared the air, and let the
Achaians rest.
QUIZ: 15 Items

Identification, Enumeration, Multiple

Choice, Complete the Statement
1. Give at least 5 men who rose up to volunteer against Hector.
2. Who are the 2 Heralds who stopped Aias and Hector?
a. Talthybios and Idomeneus
b. Talthybios and Idaios
c. Argives and Idaios
d. Argives and Idomeneus
3-4. What are the messages sent by Priam Dardanides to the Achaians?
5. Why did Poseidon complain to Zeus at the end of book 7?
6. Where did Zeus watched the Achaians?
a. Mt. Tartaros c. Mt. Ida
b. Mt. Olympos d. Mt. Athamanika
7-8. What did Zeus send to Agamemnon? How did they perceive it?
9. Which gods/goddesses was/were caught by Zeus, breaking his order? Which
god/goddess was sent to stop the delinquent gods/goddesses?
10. How did Zeus threatened the Olympian gods/goddesses?
11-12. Who are the people chosen by Nestor to persuade Achilles?
13. Give at least 3 offerings used by the King to make amends.
14. What did Aias call Achilles?
a. Hard-headed c. Hard-fisted
b. Hard-hearted d. Hard-minded
15. Complete the statement: “If the gods allow us to sack Troy, he shall have
gold and bronze and choose ______________ for himself. If we return to Argos, he
shall choose one of my daughters to marry, and I will provide a dowry greater
than any man ever gave to a daughter.
a. 20 Trojan Women,
b. 30 Trojan Women
c. 20 Achaian Women
d.10 Trojan Women