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Dr. Muhammad Akbar
Steps of Comprehensive Health
Communication Campaign
■ Step 1: Get started
■ Step 2: Revisit Your Health Promotion Strategy
■ Step 3: Analyze and Segment Audiences
■ Step 4: Develop an Inventory of Communication Resources
■ Step 5: Set Communication Objectives
■ Step 6: Select Vehicles and Channels
■ Step 7: Combine and Sequence Communication Activities
■ Step 8: Develop the Message Strategy
■ Step 9: Develop a Project Identity
■ Step 10: Develop Materials
■ Step 11: Implement Your Campaign
■ Step 12: Complete Campaign Evaluation
Core Skills for Monitoring and Evaluation of
Health Promotion Programs
■ Social Science Research Skills.
■ Data analysis.
■ Communication.
■ Contextual knowledge.
■ Data collection through technology.
■ Multiple languages.
■ Hiring a Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant.
Steps Of Evaluation Program
■ The program evaluation process goes through four phases — planning,
implementation, completion, and dissemination and reporting — that complement
the phases of program development and implementation. Each phase has unique
issues, methods, and procedures.