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“Globalization" - a contested concept that refers

to sometimes contradictory social processes

- Rise of Osama Bin Laden and the Al Jazeera

- Bin Laden’s terrorist activities paved the way to the idea of
hybridization – a fragmentation and cross-culture fertilization
i.e. use of technology coming from different parts of the world
(AK47 rifles of Russia)
- Al Qaeda’s indoctrination
- Al Jazeera’s wider network since its inception (use of western
satellites to transmit programs, the reduction of prices of
satellite dishes, becoming more affordable and their tie-up
with international news agencies such CNN)

- Used to describe a process, a condition, a

system, a force and age – which invites
confusion ( situational in a sense)
- Globality – a social condition, a transition into
something new by making irrelevant those
currently existing
- A social process – a shifting of forms of human
Globalization is happening:

- We are slowly leaving behind the condition of

modernity that gradually unfolded from the
16th century onwards
- Transition to a new globality (postmodern)
- What lies beyond (something we haven’t seen
or reached)

It corresponds to the idea of change, a transformation of

modern conditions is something inevitable
It corresponds to the idea of change, a transformation of
modern conditions is something inevitable:

- An on-going process (a shifting of perceptions)

- Movement towards greater interdependence and

* Globalization is seen as a kind of contested concept; no

consensus as to what kinds of social processes
constitutes its essence.
Four distinct qualities of globalization, as characterized
in the given definitions:

- Creation of new and multiplication of existing

networks and activities
- Expansion and the stretching of social relations,
activities, and interdependencies
- Intensification and acceleration of social exchanges
and activities the creation, expansion, and
intensification of social
- interconnections and interdependencies do not occur
merely on an objective, material level (an increase in
how social interdependence is being done)
Globalization is an uneven process, meaning that people
living in various parts of the world are affected very
differently by this gigantic transformation of social
structures and cultural zones

- Multi-dimensionality as an attribute of globalization

- “Parable of the Elephant”
- Collective mistake lies in their dogmatic attempts to
reduce such a complex phenomenon as globalization
to a single domain that corresponds to their own

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