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Understanding Culture,

Society and Politics


Glenn Denniel R. Sobejano
1st Semester, 2019-2020
 This course uses insights from
Anthropology, Political Science,
and Sociology to develop
students’ awareness of cultural,
Course social and political dynamics,

and sensitivity to cultural
diversity; provide them with an
understanding of how culture,
“It defines the whole project of
the subject” human agency, society and
politics work; and engage them
in the examination of the
country’s current human
development goals.
 At the end of the course,
students should acquire ideas
about human cultures, human

agency, society and politics;
recognize cultural relativism
Description and social inclusiveness to
overcome prejudices; and
“It defines the whole project of develop social and cultural
the subject”
competence to guide their
interactions with groups,
communities, networks, and
Defining Social Sciences
as the study of society
Photo Analysis
Society evolves to be ever more
complex and multifaceted
As a result, a need to understand society requires certain disciplines
and approaches
 Poverty, war, behavioral
disorder, natural calamity and

The emergence of etc. are the different account

of random actions done by

Social Sciences people and environment.

 There must be a discipline that

“a discipline that is suitable in would explain the nature of
addressing social issues, either social problem and help
encountered or have not been
address the different issues
encountered before”
that affect society.
The emergence of  Underpins the fundamental
Social Sciences ideas, concepts, theories,
inquiries and methods in
“Interdisciplinary and social sciences.
multidisciplinary approach ”
Sociology, and
Political Science  Branch of social sciences but
they differ in goal and
“Major approaches that will
underscore fundamental ideas,
concepts, theories, inquiries and
methods to the study of the
course ”
Requirements for this course/subject
 Quizzes will be given regularly,
either as prelectio (before the
class) or repetitio (after

discussion). These will serve as
the means for the teacher to

gauge how well the students
understand the topic and the
discussion that follows. It also
Quizzes goes without saying that this shall
be a motivation for the students
to read their notes before each
class. No make-up quiz shall be
given to a student who misses a
Course  Two major exams will be given

Requirements for the semester—the midterm

exams and the final exams. The
topics that will be covered in each
Examinations exam are indicated in the Course.
Requirements  Students are expected to attend
classes regularly and participate in
class discussion actively
Attendance/ Participation
Course  This is a two pages reaction paper

Requirements on any journal article discussed in

class. Usual qualifications for
paper writing apply. Due every
Reaction Paper. last meeting of the month
Grading System
Written, Work Performance, and