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. To develop better typing skills, and help improve
basic literacy.
. Students can also engage in hands- on lap for
keyboard and mouse practice using free web
Basic keyboarding
• The standard 104-key Windows Keyboard has four distinct sections:
• 1. The Alphanumeric Keys 3. The Numeric Keypad
• 2. The Cursor Movement Keys 4. The Function Keys
Alphanumeric Keyboard
• Definition: The alphanumeric keypad contains the
alphabet and numbers as well as special keys such as
Pause, Break and Print Screen.
• It is very similar to the standard typewriter keyboard.
Cursor Keypad
• Definition: The cursor keypad (arrow keys) allow
you to move the cursor between letters, words,
sentences and paragraphs. The other keys(Home,
End, Page Up, Page Down) allow your cursor to jump
across larger sections and across screens.
Numeric Keypad
• Definition: A numeric keypad is the small, palm-sized,
seventeen key section of a computer keyboard on the
very far right.
• Features digits 0 to 9, addition(+), subtraction(-),
multiplication(*), division(/), and decimal point(.) and
Num Lock and Enter keys.
Function Keypad
. Definition: Keys that act as shortcuts for performing
certain functions such as saving files or printing data.
.Function keys usually are lined along the top of the
keyboard labeled F1 through F12.
How to Hold the Mouse
• Hold the mouse gently with your index finger resting
on the primary button and your thumb resting on
the side.
• To move the mouse, slide it slowly in any direction. If
you run out of room to move your mouse on your
desk or mouse pad, just pick up the mouse and bring
it back closer to you.
Basic Mouse
• Definition: A hand- operated electronic device that
controls the coordinates of a cursor on your
computer screen as you move it around on a pad; on
the bottom of the device is a ball that rolls on the
surface of the pad;” a mouse takes much more room
than a trackball.”
Pointing, Clicking & Dragging
• Double-Clicking: Point to the item on the
screen, and click twice quickly.
• Tip: This type of clicking is most often used to
open items on your desktop. (eg. Open a
Scroll Wheel
• If your mouse has a scroll wheel, you can use it to
scroll through documents and pages on the web.
• To scroll down, roll the wheel toward you.
• To scroll up, roll the wheel away from you.
• Free Dictionary’s Computer Mouse
• Microsoft’s “Using Your Mouse”
• Wikipedia
• Numeric Keypad
• Function Key
• Computer Keyboard
Challenge Questions
Q1 How to hold a mouse?
Q2 What is a scroll used for?
Q3 What is the cursor keypad used for?
Q4 Where is the Enter key located on the Keyboard?
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