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This is the site analysis of our upcoming design project of shopping → . The average annual rainfall is 607 mm.
mall which would probably be grown up on this site. This site is → At an average temperature of 33.9 °C, June is the hottest month of the
present in DHA Phase 6 Lahore Pakistan. The site is enriched with year. January is the coldest month, with temperatures averaging 12.3 °C.
commercial and residential values according to the current and → Precipitation is the lowest in November, with an average of 4 mm. Most of
predicted times. Due to its such traits it is choosed to be adorned the precipitation here falls in July, averaging 189 mm.
with a shopping mall. → Between the driest and wettest months, the difference in precipitation is
185 mm. Throughout the year, temperatures vary by 21.6 °Cahore's
climate is a local steppe climate. During the year.
→ There is little rainfall. The temperature here averages 24.1 °C
This site is present in DHA Phase 6 near
sector A, and Head office of DHA Lahore,
Punjab is near Lahore ring UTILITIES
road and is a corner plot. → As the site is at a corner so it is accessed by
two roads and a choke.
→ It has three service roads from three sides that
are on east west and north.
→ There are electric poles around sites.
→ Electric transformer also.
→ Streets lights also exist on roads and
surrounding streets.
→ Water pipeline also passes near site.

→ This site is a corner plot that adds more beauty to its properties with Streetlights service roads
more access from different orientations that are north and west.
→ This site is in DHA which is commercially developed as compare
to other points of cities which cause it to be functional and
→ Site has a fertilized land which can bear different types of trees
and plant. They also exist on site right now.
→ It is closed to Lahore ring road, can also let its access more
proper and prosper.
→ Site is almost north facing
→ Plan earth no negative and positive height.
→ It has already built service roads. Electric poles Elect. Transformer