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Abnormality (or dysfunctional

behavior), in the vivid sense of

something deviating from the normal
or differing from the typical (such
as an aberration), is a subjectively
defined behavioral characteristic,
assigned to those with rare or
dysfunctional conditions.
In order to understand
what is abnormal, one has
to know first what is
normal, Atkinson, et, al.,
(2000) proposed these
characteristics of
Normal persons are more realistic
in evaluating their reactions and
capabilities in understanding things
going around them. They do not
underestimate the abilities of
others and overrate things. Normal
person do not get away from
difficult tasks or responsibilities
Normal persons feel confident about their
ability to control their behavior. At times,
they may behave impulsively, but they are
able to control their sexual and aggressive
desires. There may be instances when
normal persons fail to comply with the
social norm but this is voluntary rather
than the result of uncontrolled impulses.
People who are well adjusted,
appreciate their own worth and
feel comfortable knowing that
those around them accept them.
They react automatically in social
situations but they do not feel
obligated to always agree on the
opinion of the group.
 Normal persons can easily
form close and rewarding
relationship with others. They
are perceptive of the feelings
of others and do not make
demand on others whom they
have helped.
of Abnormal
 This means that a behavior is
abnormal when it happens infrequently
in a particular society or culture. For
instance, all Filipinos are born with
black hair. If one is born blonde, he/she
deviates from the general norm. when a
behavior is rare in a particular society,
it is labeled as abnormal
Behavior is abnormal if it
violates the accepted norms of
society. For instance, it is not
considered normal to come to
class in pajama or wear bathing
suit in the church. This
behavior breaks the established
rule of one’s culture
Loss of a love one, a job or property
lead to great emotional distress. The
unbearable loneliness, despair or
remorse cause a person to suffer
psychological disorder. Persons who
experience emotional distress usually
seek professional advice.
People who are unable to adjust
to the demand of society cannot be
productive because they cannot
function effectively. For instance,
one who losses a love one does not
want to report to work, or a
student who is broken hearted is
lost in fantasy
This pertains to the disorder
in whick people experience long-
term anxiety without knowing
why. There are individuals who
always have that feeling of fear
but they cannot explain why.
Because of this, they cannot
function well.
This is an anxiety that shows itself in a
form of panic attack. There are people
who always feel some threatening,
unavoidable danger that make them
experience panic attack. Panic attack is
the feeling of sudden anxiety that is
manifested by heart palpitation,
breathing shortage, sweating, or fainting
This is an unrealistic fear
that usually keeps individuals
from performing their daily
activities. Phobias are strong,
irrational fear of specific
Here, people experience some unwanted thought
called obsession. Obsession is a thought that keeps on
coming back. For instance, a woman on vacation to
the province keeps on wondering all the time whether
she unplugged all the electrical connection of her
appliances. Compulsion, on the other hand is the urge
repeatedly put to action even if the individual does
not want to do it, For instance, A housewife who was
laundering her clothes after hanging her dresses in
the clothes line would again soap her hands several
times to make sure they are clean
Pertains to people who
have experienced
imagine illness at some
point. Somatoform
disorders focus on the
This is a persistence idea that
one is suffering from severe
illness, Because this is a
persistence and preoccupation
idea a hypochondriac does not
get well
This disorder seems to be real
physical or neurological defect. For
instance, someone suffering from
this disorder might report that he is
getting blind, paralyzed, or cant
speak. Those are not exactly
imagined, illness to gain sympathy
but real problems that have
disorder causes.
Like Hypochondriasis, this
relates to be persistence
complaint of symptoms to get
attention, there is no
presence of real problem but
just the idea that one is sick
causing the anxiety.
Are psychological dysfunction
characterized by splitting apart
of critical personality that
generally are fused, permitting
stress avoidance as a form of
escape. There are three major
kinds of Dissociative behavior
This is a disorder wherein an individual
displays two or more personalities. Each
personality has a distinct set of likes and
dislikes and has unique ways of reaction
to specific situation. Those who are of
multiple personalities have several sets of
eyeglasses because their vision changes
with each personality
This order refers to inability to
remember past experiences
although the “forgotten”
materials are still their in the
memory only it cannot be
Refers to a kind of amnesia
where there is a lost of identity.
Individuals forgot who they are
and this state is accomplished by
escape or flight from home
environment . An amnesiac take
an impulse, a sudden trip or
assuming a new identity.