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Real-time co-authoring
2. Simplified document sharing
3. Ability to send large files using One-drive
4. Improved versioning
5. Smart lookup
6. New chart types
7. One-click forecasting
8. Skype integration
9. Stronger cross-device support
With Office com setup, One Drive, or Share
Point, multiple people can work together on a
Word document, Excel spreadsheet, or
PowerPoint presentation. When everyone is
working at the same time, that is called co-
authoring. 2016 makes it very easy to
share documents, whether for collaboration or
library purposes, such as making a manual
available to your team.
Office setup 2016 also makes it easy for
individuals to access documents stored in their
One Drive cloud storage accounts from multiple
computers, tablets, and even smartphones.
You can use One Drive to share photos, Office
setup documents, other files, and entire folders
with people. The files and folders you store in
One Drive are personal until you decide to share
them and you can see who a One Drive file is
shared with or stop sharing at any time.
The principle idea behind versioning is that each
group of related changes to an API is presented
under a specific number, often denoting what type
of release it is. Typically, the first number denotes
a major release and marks a major change to the
codebase that often alters functionality or has a
significantly different type and amount of support
over other versions. The implication is that what
works in 2.0 may not have any support in 1.0 due
to the difference between the codebase.
Among all of Office 2016 is useful new
features, there is one, in particular, you will
definitely want to take the time to master . In
short, it serves as a digital research assistant,
pulling in information from the internet to
enhance your work or help you decipher
unfamiliar content. If you are an regular, Smart Lookup holds
the key to a more powerful.
When you create a chart in an Excel worksheet,
a Word document, or a PowerPoint
presentation, you have many options. Whether
you will use a chart that is recommended for
your data or one that you will pick from the list
of all charts, it might help to know a little more
about each type of chart.
If you have historical time-based data, you can
use it to create a budget. When you create a
budget, Excel creates a new worksheet that
contains both a table of historical and
predicted values and a chart that assert this
data. Forecasts can help you predict things
like future sales, inventory requirements, or
consumer trends.
Skype for Sales for combine Sales force and
Skype for Business, so your sales and service
permission can send and receive instant inform
and see aide opportunity without leaving the
Sales force. If the Notes are enabled in your org,
reps can also save IM chats as notes and attach
them to Sales force records. Skype for Sales orce
is available only if your business has a 365 Enterprise plan that
includes Skype for Business Online, or a Skype
for Business Online license.
Cross-device support lets you target people
rather than entity devices. Basic DSP's cross-
device feature asset the Tapad Graph and
Tapad's probabilistic and deterministic cross-
device design to help allocate various devices
belonging to the same users. Tapad Graph is
completed via machine learning algorithms
using device data such as proximity, IP
address, and app logins.