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Energy Management in Manufacturing

Energy or Tool ……Who came first ?

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Timothy G. Gutowski
Department of Mechanical Engineering.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA
Production of Materials :Annual Primary Energy
Carbon Foot Print due to Material Production
Energy System Vs Technology
Silicon Era

Machine Free
Era ???
Machines Era
Water Mills
Compound Wind Mills
Tool Era Heat Engines
Single body Cattle as EnergySteam /gas turbines
Tool Era Systems
Pre-historic Humans as Energy
Technology Systems
Pre-historic Energy Systems
The First Look at Manufacturing Process
• The main purpose of manufacturing processes is to transform
materials into useful products.

During any Manufacturing operation, energy resource(s) are

This alerts the usefulness of material resources.
Thermodynamic Choice of Manufacturing
Thermodynamic Choice of Manufacturing
Root Resources / Inputs : Iron Products
Production of Coking Coal
Root Resources / Inputs
Humans Questioned by the Ecology

• Human is only one living species that uses so many

Manufacturing Processes.
• Why So?
• Is this a pure enjoyment?
• Not a necessity?
• Yet Human say:
• Necessity is the mother of Invention…
An Exclusive Thermodynamic Characteristic of

Life on Earth

Carbon Energy
Autotrophs Heterotrophs

Extra-Somatic Somatic
Heterotrophs Heterotrophs
The Powerful Extrasomatic Inventions : FIRE,

• Fire is a discovery rather than

an invention.
• Homo erectus probably discovered
fire by accident.
• Fire was most likely given to man as
a 'gift from the heavens' when a bolt
of lightning struck a tree or a bush,
suddenly starting it on fire.
• The flaming touch and the campfire
probably constituted early man's first
use of 'artificial' lighting.
• As early as 400,000 BC, fire was
kindled in the caves of Peking man.
• Prehistoric man, used primitive lamps
to illuminate his cave.
• Various Oils were used as fuels.
High Level Knowledge Transfers : A sign of
The First Civilized Extrasomatic Action!!!!!

Fire Can only Heat Solids !!!!!

Direct roasting is uneconomic !!!
Earliest Types Of Cooking Vessels
• Primitive humans may first have savoured roast meat by chance, when the
flesh of a beast killed in a forest fire was found to be more palatable and easier
to chew and digest than the customary raw meat.
• They probably did not deliberately cook food, though, until long after they had
learned to use fire for light and warmth.
• It has been speculated that Peking man roasted meats, but no clear evidence
supports the theory.
• During Palaeolithic Period, Aurignacian people of southern France apparantly
began to steam their food over hot embers by wrapping it in wet leaves.
• Crude procedures
– as toasting wild grains on flat rocks and using shells, skulls,
– or hollowed stones to heat liquids.
• Introduction of pottery during the Neolithic Period.
• A paste, toasted to crustiness when dropped on a hot stone, made the first