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Theater- the structure within

which theatrical performances

are given.
Theatre- a collaborative art form
including the composition,
enactment, and interpretation of
dramatic presentation for an
Play- a literary piece consisting of
dialogues between various
characters, epilogue, monologue,
prologue or an end.
Drama- refers to acting and to the
set up of the play which includes the
theater , the hall, the accessories, the
green room , costumes , music and
the like.
Drama- refers to acting, and to the
set up of the playwhich includes
the theater, the hall, the
accessories the green room ,
costumes , music and the like.
Scene- is like s division of an act, in
which a certain portion of the play
One-act play- is a play that
takes place, from beginning to
an end in a single act. It can
range from one minute to one
hour long.
Script- is a written version of a
play or movie.
Dramatist-is a person who is
skilled in the production of a
Playwright- is the author of a
play its duty is to adhere the
principles of composing the