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SalesLink TOUCH
April 2015

SalesLink TOUCH Highlights

Logistics & Technical Info

Product Overview

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Highlights & Cool Features

• Mobile companion to SalesLink Sales Rep

• Provides real time access to customer info &
dealer inventory
• Easy-to-navigate with many “quick actions”…just
one or two ‘touches’ required!
• GPS ‘Around Me’ feature – shows customers
nearby on a map view or as a list
• Initiate a call or email from the app and TOUCH
provides a prompt to log as an activity
• Say Cheese…capture images of customer
contacts or equipment
• Quick Search function finds both customers and
contacts easily

Logistics & Technical Information

• Minimum Requirement – SalesLink v4.5

• Mobile APIs can be installed on dealers’ current SalesLink servers (IIS)
if it is accessible to the Internet or on new web server
• Uses same database server as SalesLink
• Available on Apple iOS, Android & Windows Phone and Windows
(Windows 8)
• Two versions: Phone & Tablet
• Download and install the application from Apple iTunes, Google
Play, and Windows app store
• Utilizes dealer Mobile Device Management (MDM)
• No dealer data stored on the user’s device
• Provide network (Windows) log in & password just once
• Customized with dealer logo

Dashboard- Phone View

• Initial view when the app opens:

• Around Me – Shows customers within 10
miles (configurable) of current location
• Today - The day’s outstanding activities
• Leads – Leads to follow up on
• Opportunities – Current open opportunities
• Issues – Current outstanding issues for my
customers (for dealers with CIM module)
• Activities – Calendar of all outstanding

• Counts displayed on all badges are updated

each time the Dashboard is accessed

Around Me

• Visually displays all customers within 10 miles

(configured) of current location
• Displayed on a map or as a list

• Get directions from current location or a custom

location to a customer’s location
• Displayed as a map or with step-by-step written
directions read by the device

Dashboard – Tablet View

• Easy-to-read dashboard with three key categories of info – Week Ahead Activities; My Leads, Opportunities,
Outstanding Issues; & Customers Around Me

My Current Leads and

Opportunities, Outstanding Customers Around Me
Week Ahead Activities (within 10 miles, configurable)
Issues and Missed Activities

Global Menu

• The Global Menu is available from every view in

the app by sliding the current view to the right
from the top left corner

Activities List

• All Outstanding Activities are visible and editable

through the app
• Activities are color-coded to indicate current
and overdue
• The list can be filtered to display the data in the
most effective order for each rep, including by
Date Range

Managing Customers

• Customers Menu
• Add New Prospect
• Add New Customer (ERP Account)
• See a List of My Customers
• See a List of Customers Not Contacted in 6
• See a List of Customers Never Visited

• My Customers List
• Quick action options are available at a
swipe to log an Activity, make a call, or
send an Email
• Filtering allows the user to search
customers ‘Not Contacted Since’ any date

Customer Views

Easy navigation between customer views (sliding to

either side)

• Customer Info (addresses, etc…)

• Contacts
• Revenue (last 3 years by category, with quarterly
• A/R (shown aged and by category)
• Equipment (machines and attachments)
• Activities
• Issues (if dealer has CIM module)
• Leads
• Opportunities

View Contacts

• Contact Menu
• Add New Contact
• List all of My Contacts

• Contacts List
• Click on the phone number to initiate a
call. After the call is finished, the app will
suggest to log it as an Activity
• Send an email to a Contact. After the
email is sent, the app will suggest to log it
as an Activity
• Log Current Activity or Schedule Future

View Activities

• Activities Menu
• Add New Activity
• View my Activities
• See Activities for Today
• See Activities for This Week

• Adding Activities
• Schedule an Activity for a future date
• Report a Completed Activity

Leads & Opportunities

• Leads & Opportunities Menu

• Create a New Lead
• Create a New Opportunity
• View Outstanding Leads
• View Outstanding Opportunities

• Lead Workflow
• Create a Lead & assign it to someone
within the organization
• Option: Set the lead as Urgent

Issues Management*

• Issues Management Menu

• Create a New Issue
• View Issues Created for Your Customers
• View Issues Assigned to You
• View Open Issues

• New Issues Workflow

• After creating and saving a new Issue, the
Issue will be visible in SalesLink for others to

* - Only visible for dealers with Customer Issue

Management Module

My Open Issues

• My Open Issues Menu

• View Open Issues in scrollable list
• Search through all Issues with search bar
• View Issues assigned to you
• View Open Issues
• Filter Issues by various types, including Date

• Open Issues View

• Once an Issue is created, you will always
have visibility to the Status of the issue

Inventory Search

• Inventory Search Menu

• Search dealer Machine Inventory
• Search dealer Attachment Inventory

• Machine Inventory
• View Machine Configuration
• Add or view Photos of inventoried products
• View Warranty Details
• View Service Letters

Thank you!
For more info:
Name: Kari Cannaday