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• The course introduces the learners to
basic understanding of ICT. Information
and communication technologies as tool
for curating, contextualizing,
collaborating, and creating content and
experiences for learning in the
professional tracks.
1. Information and Communication Technology covering the topics of:
a. The current state of ICT technologies (i.e., Web 2.0, 3.0,
convergent technologies, social, mobile, and assistive media)
b. Online systems, functions, and platforms

2. Online safety, security, ethics, and etiquette

3. Contextualized online search and research skills
4. Applied productivity tools with advanced application techniques

These advanced tools and techniques currently include, but are not
limited to:
• Mail merge and label generation
• Custom animations and timing
• Hyperlinking in presentations Integrating images and external
material in word processors
• Embedded files and data
• Advanced and complex formulas and computations
Written Exam- 25%
Performance task- 45%
Major Examination- 30%
1. Assignments
Assignments may be done in ink (blue or black only), pencil, or typed
(when appropriate). If the student is required to bring materials, he/ she is not
allowed to borrow from his/her classmates. If you are absent the day an extended
assignment is due (one where the due date was announced well in advance, such as
a lab report, project, etc), you must turn in the report/project the day you return.
2. Projects
All projects should be submitted in due time or in advanced. Students
should be aware of these and keep current with all work. Late project will not be
accepted unless you have an outside school affair/contest, excused absence or it has
been arranged with the teacher prior to deadline.

3. Attendance
A student must go to school or in each time on class. He/ she will be
marked as late 15 minutes and beyond that time will mean absent.
4. Notebook
Required notebook must be brought regularly and will be used on taking
down notes and copying lectures. Quiz notebook must also be brought even
if the teacher didn’t announce any quiz because it maybe unannounced, “no
quiz notebook, no quiz”. Notebooks will be checked quarterly and there is a
corresponding point that will be included on assignments.
5. Classroom Management

During class discussions, you must be in your seat and ready to work. No
one is allowed to go outside unless emergencies. It is expected that before
the class starts, everyone is in good condition, comfortable and prepared
for class discussion. Answering in chorus should be avoided and no students
is allowed to stand up when passing papers, assignments and any forms of
activities that must be given to the teachers during class hours. The use of
cellphones, Ipod, PSPS, walkman or any form of gadgets whether with or
without class is not allowed. Confiscation is part of the consequences.
Lastly, show respect to everyone and everything! (This includes no talking
during announcements).
• Quiz Notebook- Catleya (Fillers)
EPDLC 2A- Green
EPDLC 2B- Yellow
TOURISM 2A- Violet
Tourism 2B- Blue
6. Examination Policy
Quizzes are generally announced ahead of time, though pop quizzes
may be given from time to time. Any form of cheating is prohibited,
once caught, the student will be given an oral warning for the first
time for the second time, his/ her exam will be confiscated and he/
she will receive 0 for the certain exam. Certain actions will be
reported to the Adviser and Discipline Head for the appropriate
disciplinary actions. Special quizzes and seat works will be provided if
and only the student can present a valid reason with the letter from
the parents or medical certificate.
Other Requirements (at the end of the
1. Quiz Notebook
2. Lecture Notebook
3. Compilation of Test Papers (Preliminary, Midterm and Final Exam)
4. Group Output
5. Individual Output
6. Projects (if necessary)