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 ,Kezia Inry
 Bentalen, Elfama
 Dalope, Kleysia
 Goni, Stefany
 Jacobus, Merlin
 Kalalo, Brigitta
 Kawihing, Christina
 Karamoy, Fillinry
 Konio, Inggrid
 Lengkong, Nathalia
 Maramis, Anggreany
 Muntuuntu, Stephanie
 Paruntu, Praishel
 Polunggu, Prisilia
 Rau, Ferlyta
 Rincap, Samuel
 Tangkere, Michelle
 Product
 Price
 Place
 Promotion

Kalalo, Brigitta
 If you tweak one “P”, you must pay attention
to how it affects the otherss
 Raise Price – are you still selling product in
the right place?

Kalalo, Brigitta
 BMW’s Marketing

Kawihing, Christin
 Goal :
Bring the right product to the right place at the
right time with the right promotion.

Kawihing, Christin
 What is the benefit your product or service is
providing to consumers
 Products & services
- Physical attributes
- Performance characteristic liquid, solid;
throw away packaging
- Branding
- Delivery

Goni, Stefany
 Ford’s Edsel – lacked focus, to many features
 Failure
 Ford’s Mustang – tightly focused on target of
20-30 year olds  success.

Muntuuntu, Stephanie
 Branding helps you distinguish you from your
 Branding means communication.
 Branding helps you establish a reputation.

Muntuuntu, Stephanie
 Branding promote your customer loyalty
 Brands make it easier for you to introduce a
new product
 Brands insulate you in times of crisis
 Brands help you in times of trouble

Kezia Inry
 Provide high quality product / services
 Maintain high ethical standards
 Treat employees well
 Make advertising positive & informative
 Associate the company with a charity
 Be involved in the community

Konio, Inggrid
 Strategies :
- The retailer’s rule of thumb :
- doubling the cost
- Cost plus
- Penetration

Lengkong, Natalia
 Skimming
 Meet or beat
 Pick a price that communicate your
competitive advantage

Bentalen, Elfama
 Type of business affects the location that
- Who are your customers ?
- Where do they shop ?
- Location is most important for a retailer.

Rau, Ferlyta
 Non-retailer business
 For service business

 Goal of Place :
Find a location affordable for you an also
convenient for customers.

Jacobus, Merlin
 Using advertising and publicity to get your
market message to your customers.
 Advertising (purchased) : billboards, TV ads,
Magazine ads
 Publicity (free) : PR, mentions in media such
as articles, stories on TV, etc.

Polunggu, Priscilia
 Banner
 Billboards
 Blogs
 Broadcast media
 Brochures
 Business card
 Catalogs
 Coupons
 Direct mail
 Flyers
 etc
Paruntu, Praishel
 Examples include brochures, posters, order
forms, business cards, & invoices
 Microsoft publisher can be used to create
professional-looking marketing materials like
 Logo (identifying symbol for a product or
 To protect logo from being used by others –
 Nike, Adidas, Toyota – most people
Maramis, Anggreany
 If you are a song writer, author, or painter, you will
create works that you might sell. If you do not
protect your work, however, someone else can sell
 The owner of a copy right has the sole right to
print, reprint, sell and distribute, revise, record,
and perform the work under copyright.

Tangkere, Michelle
 Print brochures should fit into a standard
 Audio brochure (a few minutes)
 Video brochure (ssecond to minute)

Tangkere, Michelle
 All your business materials should tied
together with a strong, coordinated image
 Business card; stationery; flyer; brochures;
press releases.

Rincap, Samuel
 Costumer analysis, in order to know how to
reach them with advertising.
- Print
- Televison
- Radio
- Web
- Provide reach & frequency

Dalope, Kleysia
 Use media to generate publicity
 Before mailing, call the media outlet, ask to
whom you should direct the ptich.
 Mail/fax pitch letter and press release to the
magazine, newspaper, TV station
 The story of your business
 Press release provides facts to answer: who,
what, when, where, why, how?
 Follow up with phone call
 See sample press release
Karamoy, Fillinry
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