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Searenity Travel & Tours is located in the
10th floor of World Plaza building along 5th
avenue Crescent West District, BGC Taguig Mr Lenard Lopez
General Manager

Mr Mark Manatad
Asst. Gen. Manager

Mr. Ranz Abellana

Ms. Jona Buñe Ms Yliah Alvarez
Marketing and
Administration Dept. Operation Dept.
Sales Dept.

Ms. Bella Galero Ms. Cherise Hierro Ms. Siobe Lim Monique Enriquez
Accountant Cashier Travel Counselor Account Executive

Ms. Nicole Lasam

Book Keeper

Organizational Chart of Searenity Travel & Tours

Couples HoneyMooners


Senior Citizens Rich Young


“ ”
Name: Mr Lenard Lopez Name: Mr Mark Manatad
Position: General Manager Position: Asst. Gen. Manager
Salary: 80,000 pesos per Salary: 65,000 pesos per
month month

Name: Ms Jona Buñe

Position: Administration Dept.
Salary: 50,000 pesos per month Name: Ms Yliah Alvarez
Position: Operations Dept.
Salary: 60, 000 pesos per
Other members.

Name: Siobe Lim Name: Bella Galero Name: Nicole Lasam Name: Monique Enriquez Name: Cherise Hierro
Position: Travel Position: Accountant Position: Book Keeper Position: Account Position: Cashier
Counselor Salary: 30,000 Salary: 22,000 Executive Salary: 20,000
Salary: 33,000 Salary: 35,000
Particulars 1-year costing Remarks
Investment Capital 6,000,000 Required Capital
Permits and Documents 70,000 Mayor’s Permit, Taxes, BIR DOT
Office Rental 660,000 PHP 55,000 Monthly Rental for a
22sqm space
Utility Expense 600,000 Php50,000 per month
Furniture and Equipment 1,550,000 5 Desktop Computers 100k, 5 Mac
Laptops 60k each. 5 Tables 150k
Staff Salary 435,000 Php80,000, Php65,000,
Php60,000, Php50,000,
Php40,000 Php35,000 Php33,000
Php30,000 Php22,000
Php20,000(1x) (*12months)
Legal and Accounting Assistance 240,000 Php20,000 per month
Marketing Budget 480,000 Php40,000 per month
Total Cost 10,035,000
Costing Of Searenity Travel & Tours
Basic ROI Computation (+10% Revenues vs Total Cost)

Total Operational Cost 9,895,000

Number of months per year 12

Average earnings per pax 7500

10% Revenue 989,500

Year-1 Target 10,884,500

Php10,884,500 / 12 907,041 Monthly Minimum Target

Php907,041 120 Target number of pax monthly

120 pax x 12 1451 Target number of pax on Year-1

ROI Computation Of Searenity Travel & Tours