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1. It is defined as an art which deals with
the identity and location of the offender
and provides evidence of his guilt
through criminal proceedings.

a. Criminal investigation
b. Interview and interrogation
c. Confession and admission
d. Criminal action
2. In sending out letters and relevant papers, the
documents should be arranged in a certain
manner. What do you call the act of arranging
the document?

a. Special mail handling

b. Filing
c. Assembling
d. Documentation
3. This provide a record of incidents
requiring police response and includes
criminal offenses, arrest and generAl

a. Report
b. Narrative
c. Narration
d. Police Report
4. Several persons were injured as a result of a
bus skidding on a wet pavement. In preparing
an accident report, the term “Apparently in
good condition” should not be used in
reference to –

a. The Muffler
b. The Brakes
c. The As injured persons
d. The operator
5. In testing a suspected intoxicated driver,
which one of the ff. tests should be given

a.) Hand writing

b.) Pupils of eyes
c.) Balance
d.) Walking and turning
 6. Where 2 or more emergency vehicles,
operating as such approach the same
intersection from different directions, creating a
probability conflict, an officer directing traffic at
the intersection must give preference to one
and cause the others to yield the right of way.
Of the following, the type of vehicle which
should generally be given preferences over any
of the vehicle is the-

 a. Ambulance
 b. Police car
 c. Fire truck
 d. Wrecker
7. One of the qualities of a good investigation
report states that it must short but concise,
meaning, the report must be -

 a. Fair
 b. Brief
 C. Clear
 D. Impartial
8. This is classification of the investigative report
which is used as a way of determining if the officer
is working on his case or not.

 A. Spot report
 B. Progress report
 C. Basic report
 D. Final report
9.What factors are taken into consideration in the
determination of the liability of the person found
guilty of arson?

 A. the kind of building or property that

was burned.
 B. the location of the building
 C. whether the building is inhabited or not
 D. all of the above
10. It is the transfer of heat which requires
physical contact between the bodies or
portions of bodies exchanging heat.

a. Conduction
b. Convection
c. Radiation
d. Heat transfer
11. The primary purpose of statutory
requirements for fire protection is-
 A. to see to it that the buildings are
 B. to safeguard life
 C. to see to it that the buildings are fire
hazard free.
 D. to generate income for the
 12. Physical evidence is generally given
weight the courts because -

 A. it speaks for its self

 B. it cannot lie
 C. not affected by emotion
 D. all of the forgoing
 13. This is the tying up of all loose ends
pertinent to the investigation so as to form
a clear and composite picture of the crime
committed, to the mind of the reader, for
prosecutorial and judicial action.

 A. spot report
 B. progress report
 C. basic report
 D. final report
 14. The effectiveness of a traffic law
enforcement program is best measured by-

 A. a reduction of a traffic accidents and delays.

 B. an increase in traffic enforcement actions
 C. a decrease in the ration of conviction to
enforcement actions.
 D. None of the Above
 15. Physical or personal appearance is important
when testifying in court because -

 A. it will determine the quality of your testimony

 B. it will determine the quantity of your
 C. it will affect the weight given to your
testimony by the court
 D. it will reduce the chances of the defense
attacking your testimony.
 16. In the conduct of custodial investigation, one
of the rights provided for by the law is
protection against self-incrimination and right is
found on the grounds of-

 A. public policy and morality

 B. public policy and humanity
 C. humanity kindness
 D. humanity and conscience
 17. This method or technique of criminal
identification is more convenient than
other methods or techniques since the
element of suggestion is avoided in the
identification process.

 A. cartography
 B. rogues gallery
 C. police-line up
 D. fingerprint
 18. His methods made popular the logic of
employing a thief to catch a thief

 A. Henry Fielding
 B. Jonathan Wild
 C. John Fielding
 D. Robert Peel
 19.It is considered as a patient, step by
step inquiry or observation, a careful
examination, a recording of evidence or
legal inquiry
 A. recording
 B. investigation
 C. collection
 D. examination
 20. It is the art of suspect’s surveillance,
and this was pioneered by Allan Pinkerton.

 A. role
 B. shadowing
 C. modus operandi
 D. casing
 21. Being an investigator able to solve
cases, he must posses the ability to be
patient to obtain accurate and complete
information, specially with uncooperative
subjects is-

 A. integrity
 B. perseverance
 C. alertness
 D. logical mind
 22. The fact that no physical evidence was
found at the scene of the crime will most likely
mean that-

 A. the victim cleaned up before the police

 B. the suspect was professional
 C. the suspect was juvenile
 D. the police probably did not conduct a
complete search for evidence.
 23.The term describes the transfer of heat
through a gas or vacuum in a similar way
to light is-

 A. conduction
 B. convection
 C. radiation
 D. fire
 24. There are 2 types of standards to be
obtained in the investigation of a
questioned documents: 1 is collected and
the other is -

 A. photographed
 B. replicated
 C. dictated
 D. all of the foregoing
 25. The purpose of this is to provide a
brief, informative summary of the nature
and important event in the case.

 A. synopsis
 B. details of the report
 C. recommendation
 D. conclusion
 26. During an interview, planning is
important and must follow the order of
time ad bring out facts orderly as they
happened, this technique is called-

 A. chronological questioning
 B. physical questioning
 C. psychological questioning
 D. None of these
 27. A case decided in USA in the year
1920 that established the “ Doctrine of the
Fruit of the Poisonous Tree”.

 A. MAPP vs. USA

 B. MAPP vs. Ohio
 C. USA vs. Ohio
 D. Silverthorne Lumber Co. vs. US
 28. An English man who wrote a novel
entitled “ Tom Jones”, was appointed as
Magistrate for the areas of Westminster
and Middlesex in London.

 A. Patrick Colquhoun
 B. Charles Dickens
 C. Henry Fielding
 D. Robert Peel
 29. This report is one which is routinary
act it is submitted daily by any duty

 A. spot report
 B. special report
 C. beat inspection report
 D. after patrol report
 30. Police report which requires deals
with ordinary, miscellaneous, day-to-day
memorandum, letter or form accomplished
by any member of a unit.

 A. basic report
 B. formal report
 C. spot report
 D. special report
 31.The first responsibility of a police
officer assigned to investigate a reported
homicide is-

 A. arrest the offender

 B. administer first aid to the victim
 C. promptly respond to the assignment
with reasonable and safe speed.
 D. protect the crime scene.
 32. The first female detective hired by the
North-Western Police Agency.

 A. Jane Doe
 B. Kate Wayne
 C. June Downey
 D. Demi Moore
33. What Special Law punishes the crime of
Arson which amends the provision of the
Revised Penal Code.

a. Presidential Decree 603

b. Presidential Decree 968
c. Presidential Decree 1612
d. Presidential Decree 1613
 34.Known as the simplest and the most effective
way of showing actual measurement and of
identifying significant items of evidence in their
location at the scene is-

 A. photograph
 B. sketch
 C. graphing
 D. all of the above
 35.Illegal acts committed by business and
professional people while earning their
living are classified as-

 A. Blue-collar crimes
 B. crime mala in se
 C. white-collar crimes
 D. crime mala prohibita
36. It is best to interrogate a suspect in a “foreign
Territory” such as the investigator room at the
police station because the place –

a. Is comfortable to the suspect

b. Is familiar to the suspect
c. Provides food and cigarette to the investigator
d. Intimidates the suspect
37. The collection of photographs of
criminals taken by the police for
identification purposes is technically

a. Cartographic files
b. Identification kit
c. Mug File
d. Criminal Record
38. Julia Roberts gives information to the
police without waiting for reward or
payment because she considered herself
as –

a. Ex-convict
b. Informant
c. Defendant
d. Accused
39. In essence, it is a chemical reaction in
which the substance combines with
oxygen, heat is released and the form of
substance is destroyed.

a. Fire
b. Fuel
c. Ignition
d. Oxygen
40. It is, in most cases, the initial step for
obtaining information to determine the
origin and cause of fire.

a. Interviewing witness/es
b. Surveillance
c. Undercover work assignment
d. To investigate the insurance company
and the owner of the insurance company
41. This is the lifeblood of investigation and
hence to be considered seriously and
also to be followed up. Once it dries you
have nowhere to go.

a. Information
b. Intelligence
c. Interview
d. Instrumentation
42. These are attached and distributed in
the ceiling of rooms, activated by the
increase of temperature and water is
delivered right where it is needed.

a. Fire pump
b. Fire hydrant
c. Automatic sprinklers
d. Fire extinguisher
43. Fernando Jose is testifying in court to
disprove the criminal charge filed against
him. Thus, he is the –

a. Suspect
b. Accused
c. Criminal
d. Respondent
44. When a police officer finds a tool at the crime scene, he
should first of all –

a. Pick it up for a closer examination, taking care not to

b. Wait until the crime scene has been sketched or
photographed and measurements taken before he
collects the evidence
c. Immediately collect it and always send it to the Crime
Laboratory for specific examination
d. Compare the following edge of the tool with
impression to determine if this was the tool used in
45. Edralin is an alleged thief. He is being accused
of stealing personal property but he is not yet
under the custody of the police. Therefore, he
is legally addressed as –

a. Suspect
b. Accused
c. Accomplice
d. Accessory
46. This inquiry begins with a general
reexamination of all facts, leads and other
types of information secured during the initial

a. Preliminary investigation
b. In Depth investigation
c. Follow-up investigation
d. In Depth investigation or Follow-up
47. If proof is the outcome of evidence,
what is evidence?

a. Measurement of guilt
b. Means of social control
c. Instrument of proof
d. All of the foregoing
48. He became the first detective in Chicago
Police Department in 1849.

a. Henry Fielding
b. Allan Pinkerton
c. Jonathan Wild
d. Robert Peel
49. A burned body found was subjected to
autopsy, however, examination of lungs and
blood showed no abnormal quantity of carbon
monoxide or dioxide. What will be your
interpretation under this circumstances?

a. The person is died because of burning

b. The person is died due to asphyxia
c. The person was killed before he was burned
d. The person died not of fire bur because of
50. This may be applicable to a crime scene
which approximately circular or oval. The
searchers gather at the center and
proceed outward along a radii or spokes.

a. Wheel method
b. Zone method
c. Spiral method
d. Strip method
51. This signifies the ways and means device by a
peace officer to apprehend a person who has
committed a crime; with or without the said
device or means, the crime has already been
committed –

a. Entrapment
b. Treachery
c. Instigation
d. None of the foregoing
52. All of the following are generally accepted
rules of behavior that should be followed by
police officer first arriving at the crime scene of
a murder committed indoors, EXCEPT –

a. Try to keep the witnesses separated

b. Record the time of discovery of the crime
c. Discuss the crime with persons who witness
the incident
d. Notify the superior officer as quickly as
possible but do not leave the scene unguarded
while doing so
53. The known case on personal
identification that caused the total
damaged of Anthropometry is –

a. Best case
b. Dellinger case
c. USA vs. Jennings
d. West case
54. The “whom”, “where”, or “which”
information are derived and developed
refers to the –

a. Traces of information
b. Testimony
c. Evidence
d. Sources of information
55. The primary reason for conducting a
search in the crime scene is to –

a. Obtain obvious physical evidence

b. Ascertain the reasons for the crime
c. Undercover hidden evidence
d. Determine the criminals method of
56. Marking of evidence, as far as
practicable, should be made on the item
itself upon collection, in a place least
likely to affect the appearance of its –

a. Monetary value
b. Monetary and evidentiary
c. Evidentiary value
d. Integrity and identity
57. A powerful operated traffic control
device by which traffic is warned of
directed to take some specific action is
called ?

a. Object markings
b. Club markings
c. Reflectorized markings
d. Traffic light signal
58. Generally this drugs produces a relaxing
state without impairment of high
facilities or the inducement of sleep is
known as –

a. Stimulants
b. Narcotics
c. Tranquilizers
d. Barbiturates
59. In pursuing a criminal and when it appears
that the pursuit is not possible, what should
you not do?

a. Better use your time and efforts to alert

another unit
b. Forego the pursuit and continue what you are
previously doing
c. Inform the dispatcher of the unit
d. Use radio for possible active pursuit in
coordination with other police units
60. What do you think is the significant data
for an arson investigator to gather from
the fire scene?

a. Odor
b. Rapidity of fire
c. Color of smokes and flames
d. All of the foregoing
61. It is the intentional deprivation of any
body organ necessary for reproduction.

a. Abortion
b. Castration
c. Physical injuries
d. None of the foregoing
62. This crime is committed whenever a
public officer does not account for what
he collects and he misappropriates the
fees collected.

a. Estafa
b. Malversation
c. Corruption of public official
d. Bribery
63. This situation takes place when a police
officer induce a person to commit a
crime and arrest him after the
commission of the crime.

a. Instigation
b. Recidivism
c. Voluntary surrender
d. Entrapment
64. This refer to the immediate
apprehension or cognition-quick and
ready insight without the conscious use
of reasoning.

a. Imagination
b. Intuition
c. Curiosity
d. Opinion
65. It was the first natural stimulant that was

a. Nicotine
b. Epinedrine
c. Caffeine
d. Ephedrine
66. Criminal investigation is not a science, it is not
governed by rigid rules, or laws, but most
often, it is governed by –

a. Intuition
b. To a minor extent by chance or luck
c. Felicity or inspiration
d. All of the foregoing
67. This is defined as a transition which occurs in
the development of fire when, for example,
most of all the combustible surfaces within a
room are heated above their ignition
temperature at the same time.

a. Ignition
b. Starter
c. Flash-over
d. Intensity
68. Whether it be solid, liquid, or gas, is the
minimum temperature that the
substance must be heated in order to
sustain combustion.

a. Temperature
b. Flash point
c. Ignition temperature
d. Burning point
69. Which of the following types of accidents is
most decreased by the installation of traffic

a. Accidents of confusion
b. Cross traffic accidents
c. Accidents of decisions of right of way
d. Misunderstanding between motorists
70. It is the accomplishment of the act, and which
must be proved where it is an element of the
offense charged.

a. Motive
b. Intent
c. Modus operandi
d. Background interview
71. In 1877, even without his field police
experience, he become the head of the
Scotland Yard organized investigators known
as the Criminal Investigation Department.

a. Charles Dickens
b. Edward Rucker
c. Howard Vincent
d. Francis Turkey
72. The word investigate was derived from
the Latin word ______ meaning to track
or trace, a derivation easily related to
police investigation.

a. Investigare
b. Vestigare
c. Tracer
d. Tracker
73. A certain intersection, for several reasons, has more
traffic accidents than any other in the area. The police
unit assigned to the area should:

a. Park near the intersection, in plain view, and wait for

b. Cruise all the assigned area but give extra attention to
the intersection
c. Park near the intersection, more or less hidden from
d. Park your motorcycle at the center of intersection to
caution motorists
74. It is a term used as anything used to
enhance the quality of fire.

a. Accelerants
b. Arson
c. Trailers
d. Plants
75. The investigator who collects physical evidence
should take it to the laboratory by himself
whenever this is possible, otherwise, he should
obtain a receipt from each person to whom he
gives or receives evidence. This statement is
applicable to –

a. Chain of custody of evidence

b. Cardinal rules in investigation
c. Three tools in investigation
d. To established the guilt of the accused.
76. Can a child below 15 years old be employed?

a. Yes, provided that the employer shall ensure

the protection, health safety and morals of the
b. Yes, provided that the employer shall secure
the child a working permit from DOLE
c. No, he is a minor
d. A and B only
77. It is the duty of the officer who first
arrive at the crime scene.

a. Locate and apprehend the accused

b. Protection of the crime scene
c. Collect evidence
d. Present evidence of guilt
78. The most likely place to look for
fingerprints of the thief in an automobile
which has been stolen and abandoned is
on –

a. Door handles
b. Steering wheel
c. Rear view mirror
d. Dashboard
79. It is defined as maybe a self-
incriminatory statement by the subject
falling short of an acknowledgement of

a. Confession
b. Admission
c. Deposition
d. Information
80. Articles and materials found in connection with
investigation and which aides in establishing
the identity of the perpetrator or
circumstances under which the crime was
committed or which in general, assist in the
prosecution of the criminal.

a. Corpus delicti
b. Fruits of the crime
c. Physical evidence
d. Chain of custody of evidence
81. The most effective way to reduce the number
of traffic accidents is to –

a. Arrest and prosecute traffic violators

b. Increase the premium of insurance and
decrease the car insurance liability to a
c. Frequent checks on all cars for mechanical
d. All of the foregoing
82. The basic principle behind the selective
enforcement in the traffic control is –

a. Selection of traffic areas for strict enforcement

b. Concentration of enforcement activities as
peak traffic hours
c. A warning rather that a citation will act as
preventive for future violation
d. Direction of enforcement activities to those
points of greatest traffic danger
83. A former convict who became a Paris
investigator and founder of the Brigade
De la Surete and the forerunner of our
credit card system.

a. Henry Fielding
b. Jonathan Wild
c. Eugene Vidocq
d. Sir Robert Peel
84. In police stations, It is the record
of all crimes and complaints.

a. Police Blotter
b. Police Arrest
c. Booking Report
d. None of the foregoing
85. It is the conveying of persons, goods,
and things from one place to another.

a. Traffic
b. Transportation
c. Movement
d. Shipping
86. Excellent way of filling accidents report
for urban areas is –

a. Street designation
b. Numerical route
c. Road safety
d. None of the foregoing
87. If the accident has resulted to serious physical
injury, the most important thing for the
investigator to do in regard to the injured
person if no doctor at hand is –

a. Move him to a place where he may be

b. Bring him to the hospital as quickly as possible
c. Give him first aid as necessary and call for an
d. Ignore him, because medical care is not part
of the work of the investigator
88. It is the correct or proper choice of
words to convey a meaning.

a. Vocabulary
b. Diction
c. Words
d. None of the above
89. It is a customary little marks that
determines whether the sentence is clear
or has a doubtful meaning.

a. Words
b. Phrase
c. Punctuation marks
d. Numbers
90. If the fire is caused by flammable or
combustible liquids, such as kerosene,
gasoline, benzene, alcohol etc., It is said
to be classified as –

a. Class A fire
b. Class B fire
c. Class C fire
d. Class D fire
91. These are personalities that do not exist in
reality because they are only creations of
writers who focus inventing detectives stories
that may help entertain and/or educate

a. Private detectives
b. Government Investigators
c. Fictitious Investigators
d. None of the foregoing
92. For competent investigator, it is the key
to freedom from bondage of ignorance.

a. Training
b. Tools
c. Technique
d. Principle
93. In conducting an interview to a subject,
the interviewer always ask the subject
with a question answerable by yes or no,
this statement is –

a. Absolutely True
b. Absolutely False
c. Partly True
d. Partly false
94. This involves the process of allowing a
witness to select the primary suspect
from a group of chosen persons (
suspects and innocent persons).

a. Cartography
b. Portrait Parle
c. Rogues Gallery
d. Police line-up
95. An approach in reconstructing the crime
which requires the process of collecting
information first, analyze and evaluate it
before a theory is developed.

a. Deductive Approach
b. Inductive Approach
c. Analytical Approach
d. None of the foregoing
96. What is known as an “unimpeachable
witness” because it is not clouded by
faulty memory, prejudice, poor eyesight
and desire?

a. Ordinary witness
b. Expert witness
c. Physical evidence
d. Testimonial evidence
97. A kind of crime scene sketch which
picture the immediate scene only.

a. Sketch of locality
b. Sketch of ground
c. Sketch of Details
d. Cross projection sketch
98. In the Philippine setting, the SOCO is
composed of how many members?

a. 6
b. 7
c. 8
d. 10
99. It is the tendency to increase the dose
of the drugs to produce the same effect
as to that of the original effect.

a. Tolerance
b. Addiction
c. Physical dependence
d. Withdrawal syndrome
100. ________ is the skillful questioning of
a person who is reluctant to divulge
information concerning the offense
under investigation.

a. Instrumentation
b. Information
c. Interview
d. Interrogation
101. An evidence which links the suspects to
the crime scene or offense.

a. Corpus Delicti
b. Associative evidence
c. Tracing evidence
d. Documentary evidence
102. As the first officer to arrive at the crime
scene, you must retain and identify for
interview the person who first notify the police,
because you can gather investigative?

a. Investigation
b. Leads
c. Breakthrough
d. Modus operandi
103. Under the new drug law, the best
defense for drug abuse is?

a. Comrades
b. Colleagues
c. Family
d. Gangs
104. The first to arrive at the crime scene
and has the authority to preserve the
crime scene is the?

a. Beat patrol
c. NBI
d. Chief PNP
105. Instead of using “proceed and utilize”,
use the word/s?

a. Proceed and go
b. Go and use
c. Go and exploit
d. Proceed and use
106. The most advance in sending a report.

a. Fax
b. Courier
c. Text
d. Air mail
107. The penalty of ____________ shall be
imposed upon any person who possesses 10
grams of Shabu.

a. 20 years and 1 day to 40 years

b. 12 years and 1 day to 20 years
c. 6 years and 1 day to 12 years
d. Life imprisonment
108. These are articles which assist the
investigator in locating the suspect.

a. Tracing evidence
b. Associative evidence
c. Documentary evidence
d. Testimonial evidence
109. Instead of using “dead body” on your report,
use the word/s?

a. Cadaver
b. Deceased
c. Departed
d. Corpse
110. In the year 2005, the Philippines was tagged
by the USA as the number one producer of?

a. Marijuana
b. Cocaine
c. Shabu
d. Opium
111. When was the Anti-drug summit which was
attended by President Gloria M. Arroyo?

a. November 17, 2002

b. November 27, 2002
c. November 17, 2005
d. November 27, 2005
112. Is a phrase considered as a complete

a. Yes
b. No
c. Sometimes
d. Maybe
113. It is a sign of showing the point of origin of

a. Alligator pattern
b. Charring
c. Product of incombustible materials
d. None of the above
114. In dental examination, location of teeth,
position and ______ are the main

a. Site
b. Spot
c. Direction
d. Place
115. A method of safe breaking by battering of the
top, bottom or sides of a safe with a chisel or
other metal cutter.

a. Burning
b. Bursting
c. Ripping
d. Carrying away
116. This is the removing or transferring of people,
livestock or property from fire scene or those
that are already directly affected by fire.

a. Evacuation
b. Rescue
c. Confinement
d. Ventilation
117. _______ smoke indicates that humid
materials are burning, such as hay, vegetable
fibers, etc..

a. Biting smoke
b. Black smoke
c. White smoke
d. Reddish-brown smoke
118. The world’s oldest cultivated plant as a
source of prohibited drugs.

a. Marijuana
b. Coca plant
c. Opium poppy plant
d. Caffeine
119. The process of giving training and practice in
the actual application of traffic safety
knowledge is called ___________.

a. Traffic Engineering
b. Traffic Education
c. Traffic Enforcement
d. Traffic Economy
120. It is the derivative of Morphine.

a. Cocaine
b. Heroin
c. Codeine
d. Caffeine