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Contextual Factors

Colegio de los sagrados corazones

de concepción Valentina Acuña Zapata
Task 1: School

Location: Av. Cristóbal Colón 8865, Hualpén, Región del Bío Bío
Private School, founded in 1911 (108 years).
Mid-High socioeconomic status, with an average number of 31 students per class.
Educational project: Desarrollo Integral, Excelencia Académica, Valórico - Religioso
Task 1: School

The school has around 1460 students.

Infrastructure of 11.898 mts 2.
It has 44 grades from Transición Medio
Mayor a Cuarto Año de Enseñanza Media, a
Temple with a capacity of 500 people, a
Chapel with a capacity of 80 people, Science,
Physics and Chemistry laboratories including
Computer labs. It also has an athletic track
and two gyms.
English Lab and Self-Learning Center.
Arts and Interactive Technology classrooms.
Music classrooms.
Library among others.
Task 1: School

Learning resources and technology available.

Computer Labs

Self Learning Center

Book (Beyond B2,



Touch Projector

White Board

School Library
Task 1: School Classroom organization

The ring bells at 08:00 in the morning. There are around 31 - 43 students per class and the
classrooms are big to fit the entire class, furthermore; all classrooms have central heater and
big windows. There is enough space to monitor student’s work. There is also a good and
respectful attitude from Ss to the teacher. The seating arrangement: in rows. Everyday in the
morning there is a Prayer conducted by 2 or 3 students.
Task 1: School

● Observation

● Teacher comments

● Institutional Educational Project.

Task 2: Students

- 33 students - 1 new student

- More boys than girls (65% - 35%)
- Age: Between 14 and 15 years old
- Nationality: Chilean
- Religion: Most of them are Catholic.
- NEE: 1 student.
Task 2: Students
- There is a good relation between the T - Ss
- According to the performance in English classes,
around the 80% get marks above 50. Also, the
teacher always evaluates their attitude and
- Grammar based.
- It is not necessary to make adaptations to the
Task 2: Students

Maria Gladys Rivas Arriagada

English teacher.

Licenciatura en Educación (UdeC)

Magister en TESOL
Task 3: Factors Main factors that will influence my
The use of ICT
Students disposition to resources
work availables in the

The use of the

English language in
the classroom
Task 3: Factors

The challenges:
a. Time management.
b. Seating arrangement.
c. Motivational activities.

The possible solutions:

a. Being careful when planning games or ICT activities, considering they only
have 45 minutes of class.
b. Create new seating arrangements since I know where are the “distractive
c. The use of interesting materials and activities according to their
preferences. (Too grammar based)
Task 4: Reflection

1. Features that I know the most:

- Ss Attitudes
- Ss Answers
- Ss Performance
Sources: Personal observation + teachers’ comments

1. Features that I know the least

- Their social environment.
Problem: It could affect the effectiveness of my lesson plans if there
exist any disruptive situation.
How to solve it: Talking to the English teacher and planning activities
that can tell me more about their life out of school.