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Global Sales & Marketing Dept. I

Business Solutions Group
Sharp Corporation


 Product Range Positioning

 Product Overview
 Comparison with AR-M318/AR-M258
 Key Selling Points
 Specification
 Configuration

Product Range Positioning for Asia/ME
A3 Monochrome

A3 Colour MX-M1100
machines MX-M950
Pay for Print/CRD
Office Walk-up
More than 100 MX-6201N
users MX-7001N

Large Workgroup MX-5500N

20-50 users MX-M700U/N
A4 Colour MX-5000/01N
machines MX-4100/01N MX-M503N/U
Medium Workgroup MX-M453N/U
5-20 users MX-M363N/U
MX-3100N MX-M350N/U MX-M283N
MX-2600N MX-M450N/U
Small Workgroup MX-M310N
2-5 Users AR-M420U MX-M260N
Small Office AR-5631/5625
AR-5516 MX-M200D
AR-203E MX-M160D
Home Office AR-M205 AR-M201 MX-M160

Speed and performance

Product Overview

Productive Printing & Copying

Optional RSPF 31/26 ppm/cpm
Optional Network Scanning
Reversing Single Pass Feeder
Scan to email, desktop or FTP

8.1-inch touch-screen LCD Panel Standard Network Printing

Supports most popular
network OS and protocols

Optional Space-saving Inner Electronic Sorting & Offset

Finisher Stacking
Sorting, stapling & offset stacking

Stylish new Design & Environmentally Multilayered Security Solutions

Compliant with latest Energy Star specifications

Optional High Speed Fax

Standard Duplexing Super G3/JBIG compression
Flexible Paper Capacity
Standard: 1,100 sheets
Maximum: 2,100 sheets
Comparison with AR-M318/AR-M258
Comparison with AR-M318/AR-M258 -1
AR-M318/AR-M258 MX-M310N/MX-M260N

Exterior Design

Operation Panel

Finisher or Saddle finisher Inner Finisher

(Exit tray is an option of Inner Finisher)

Paper Weight (Tray) 56 - 105 gsm 56 - 105 gsm

Paper Weight (Bypass) 52 – 200 gsm 56 - 200 gsm
Engine Speed 31 cpm / 25 cpm 31 cpm / 26 cpm
Copier Same
Yes Yes
Network Printer Zoom
(PS/Win PPD/Mac PPD) (Zoom is not available when N-up is selected)
Comparison with AR-M318/AR-M258 -2

AR-M318/AR-M258 MX-M310N/MX-M260N
Windows 98, Me, 2000, NT4.0 SP5 or Windows 2000, XP*, Vista*, 7*
later Windows Server 2003*, 2008*, 2008R2*
Windows XP, Vista, 7 Mac OS 9.0-9.2.2
Supported OS (PS3 required for MAC) Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008R2 Mac OS X 10.2.8, 10.3.9, 10.4.11, 10.5-
Mac OS 9.0-9.2.2 10.5.8, 10.6-10.6.1
Mac OS X10.1.5, 10.2.8, 10.3.9, 10.4- * 64 bit is released from web.

10.4.11, 10.5-10.5.8, 10.6-10.6.2 PCL5e doesn’t support XPx64, Server 2003x64,

Vistax64, Server 2008x64. and Server 2008R2x64.

Parallel Port Yes No

Network Scanner Same
Fax Same
Key Selling Points
New Sharp Design

The MX-M310N and MX-M260N follow the same design concept as other new Sharp MFPs, fitting into the
office environment as part of the complete Sharp line-up.

Their compact and stylish design with its elegant curves and attractive exterior will complement even the
most contemporary office environment.

The new smart design features new colour tones and ’grained’ texture exterior. With a compact footprint
of just 623 x 628 mm, they are small enough to fit into the smallest of spaces.
Operation Panel
The 8.1” LCD panel has the same operability with previous model, which makes it easy
for the customer to operate without difficulties.


- Energy Star
Energy Star is an international standard for energy efficient products. The Energy Star programme was
introduced to Europe in 2002 as a voluntary label for computers, monitors, printers, fax machines,
scanners, copiers and multifunctional machines. New specifications were introduced in 2007 which
ensure that the Energy Star represents only the markets most energy efficient products.
Input & Output -1

• Std 2 trays + bypass tray (Max: std 2 trays + opt 2 trays + bypass tray)

• Max 2,100 paper capacity

• 56 – 105 gsm for all trays

• Up to 128 gsm for multi feeding and up to 200 gsm for single feeding
from bypass
• Duplex support 56 – 105 gsm

• 500 sheets for center output tray 100 sheets

500 sheets
500 sheets

500 sheets

500 sheets
Input & Output (Job Separator) -2

The optional Job Separator (MX-TR11) allows you to select the tray (upper tray or main
tray) to separately output copy/print and fax jobs to keep them apart.

• Upper tray: 100 sheets

• Lower tray: 500 sheets

• Upper tray has “full-paper sensor”

Upper Tray: Fax or Print Job

Lower Tray: Copy, Fax, or Print Job

Input & Output (Inner Finisher) -3
The MX-M310N and MX-M260N offer a space-saving
inner finisher (MX-FN13), providing a productive MFP
with small footprint.
The inner finisher enables you to sort, staple and offset
documents as they are produced.
It can staple up to 50 sheets with one position at the
front. Combined with the standard duplex unit, this
makes the MX-M310N and MX-M260N capable of
producing and finishing the majority of office documents

- 500 sheets output (A4)

- 250 sheets output (A3)
- 50 sheets staple
Input & Output (Exit Tray) -4

The optional Exit Tray (MX-TE10) allow you to select

the tray to output separately.

- 100 sheets output

- Inner finisher (MX-FN13) required

Screen Status Display Condition

Copy: Offset tray Always displayed.

Pattern 1 Print: Offset tray *Fax icon appears when Fax
Fax: Exit tray function is active.
Copy: Offset tray Always displayed.
Pattern 2 Print: Exit tray *Fax icon appears when Fax
Fax: Exit tray function is active.
Copy: Offset tray
Displayed when Fax function
Pattern 3 Print: Exit tray
is active.
Fax: Offset tray
- Standard SPLC Printing

The MX-M310N and MX-M260N come as standard with an SPLC printer, enabling you to use your device as
a high speed laser printer from the start. SPLC (Sharp Printer Language with Compression) effectively
reduces the data size of print jobs, speeding up the printing process while improving overall throughput.

This printing function utilise the in-built USB2.0 port. It uses GDI technology but also JBIG compression
technology, which compresses the host based image data so that it is comparable in size to PCL5e data. In
effect this technology reduces the file size and allows data to be processed far quicker than transitional
GDI printers.

The MX-M310N and MX-M260N also provides RIP Once/Print Many (ROPM) memory for efficient processing,
quickly freeing up your PC for other tasks and reducing network congestion.

- Standard Network Printer

The MX-M310N and MX-M260N support PCL5e and PCL6. This printer board has Ethernet NIC, and
users can connect the MFP to LAN.
It also enables direct printing of PDF and TIFF files without using the printer driver.

- PS Printer
With the optional MX-PK10, the MX-M310N and MX-M260N support PostScript 3. PS printing gives the
best interpretation of complex files and application independent printing. Common uses include
improved output and delivery of PDF prints and for interpretation of "EPS" graphic images. Combining
PS printing makes the MX-M310N and MX-M260N ideal for Photo or PDF Proof printing.
Optional Network Scanning
Distribute your hard-copy documents electronically using the optional MX-NSX1 Network Scanner Kit.
The MX-M310N and MX-M260N can be a true "input, throughput, output" device.

- 600 dpi scanner allows hard copy documents to be scanned from the RSPF or platen glass and
distributed electronically.

- Converts any paper based document up to A3 size, into an editable digital file.

- Supports PDF and TIFF file formats.

- Sharpdesk document management software comes with optional network scanner kit which automatically
starts when scanned data is delivered to a PC.

- Advanced OCR function in Sharpdesk allows you to quickly convert hard-copy documents into editable
electronic files.
Adding the optional MX-AMX1 Application Integration Module, lets you add information to scanned
documents before you send or store them.
Optional Faxing

The optional Super G3 Fax Expansion Kit (AR-FX7) turns the MX-M310N and MX-
M260N into a fax machine featuring a fast modem speed of 33.6k bps. Using JBIG
data compression means you can send an A4 size page in less than 3 seconds*.

Also, by connecting the optional RSPF, both the MX-M310N and MX-M260N can scan
both sides of a two-sided document.

- 50 groups and 200 destinations group dial

- 500 one-touch dials

- 2 MB Memory standard – up to 10MB with option

*Transmission speed is for an A4 document with approximately 700 characters at standard resolution sent in high
speed mode (33.6k bps JBIG)

The MX-M310N and MX-M260N employ Sharp’s unsurpassed expertise in security to

ensure that your data remains safe.

Secure data during communications with the MFP

- HTTPS / SSL / IPsec network data encryption
- IP / MAC address filtering

Secure data stored on the MFP

- Encrypt data during processing
- Automatically delete files after a set period

(requires optional Data Security Kit)

Secure data once it leaves the MFP

- PIN printing

There are so many different environments and systems in use in today’s office that an
MFP needs to be compatible with as many as possible. The MX-M310N and MX-M260N
have been developed with this in mind.

Sharp is a founder member of the SAP Printer Vendor Program. SAP

device types for all of our devices will be created to provide connectivity with

WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) testing ensures full compatibility

with Windows systems.

Sharp is a Citrix Technology Partner, giving us access to testing resources,

technical support and other Citrix development tools.

Compatibility with the CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) ensures you can
use your MFP with both Unix and Linux.

Not only can our devices work with all these software vendors, the MX-M310N and
MX-M260N can communicate with them exceptionally quickly over the latest
networking technologies, including IPv6.
Specifications - General
MX-M310N MX-M260N

Original paper size Max. A3

Printed paper size Max. A3 Min. A6R

Std paper capacity 2x500 + MB(100) = 1,100

Max paper capacity 4x500 + MB(100) = 2,100

Paper weight 56 – 105 gsm (Bypass 56 – 200 gsm)

Output Capacity 500 sheets (face down)

Resolution 600 dpi

Duplex Std (56- 105 gsm)

Target User CV (MFP) 10k – 75k

MCBF/MCBJ 80k/10k

Life 800k or 5 years

Specifications - Copier
MX-M310N MX-M260N

Copy speed 31 cpm 26 cpm


E-sort Std

First copy time (Platen/RSPF) 4.5 sec/9.3 sec 4.8 sec/9.3 sec

Warm-up time 25 sec 23 sec

Continuous copy Max. 999

Scan resolution 600 x 600 dpi

Zoom range 25 – 400 % - 10 preset ratios (50 – 200% with RSPF)

Document Feeder Opt. RSPF (MX-RP10)

Original capacity 100 sheets

Scan speed (Copy/Scan/Fax) 27 cpm/31 opm/ 40 opm 26 cpm/31 opm/ 40 opm

Specifications - Printer
MX-M310N MX-M260N

Print speed 31 ppm 26 ppm

Network Printer Std.

PDL (Emulation) Std : PCL5e, PCL6 Opt : PostScript3 (MX-PK10)

Interface Std. : 10/100BaseTX

Protocol TCP/IP, IPX/SPX(NetWare), NetBEUI, Ether Talk (AppleTalk)

Memory 64 MB (Expandable up to 320 MB additional)

Windows2000/XP/Server2003/Server2008/Vista/Server 2008R2/7
Supported OS
MacOS 9.0-9.2.2/X10.2.8/10.3.9/10.4.11/10.5-10.5.8/10.6-10.6.1

Bundled Utilities Printer Administrator Utility, Status Monitor

Specifications - Scan

MX-M310N and MX-M260N

Opt. : Network scanning (MX-NSX1 required)

Resolution 200/300/600 dpi

I/F 10Base-T/100Base-TX

Duplex required MX-RP10

Destination Desktop (Sharpdesk), FTP, E-mail

Bundled Utilities Network Scanner Tool, Sharpdesk 3.3

Specifications - Fax

MX-M310N and MX-M260N

Communication Formula Super G3 Max. 33,600 bps

Document Size Max. A3 – Min. A5

Compression MH/MR/MMR/JBIG

Dial Registration One touch: 500 destinations

Broadcast transmission Yes Max. 200 destinations

PC-Fax Yes

MX-FX10 required

Toner Cartridge Developer Drum PM Maintenance kit

Figure Dev

Same as AR-M318,
New New New

26 cpm: 75k 26 cpm: 75k

Life 25k 150k
31 cpm: 100k 31 cpm: 100k

For Asia MX-312AT MX-312AV MX-312AR

For SMEF, Israel,

MX-312FT MX-312FV MX-312FR

Consumables for SESC isn’t included.