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English for Academic

MPK Bahasa Inggris
• Introduction
• Class policy
• Assessment
• Course books
• Online workbook (Cambridge LMS)
• Writing diagnostic test

1. Write your name in the center of the

2. Write/draw things that represent you in
the 4 corners.
3. Share your paper with a partner.
4. Ask and answer questions about the
information on the paper.
5. Introduce your partner.
Class Policy

• Min. 80% or you cannot take the final test.

• 15 mins late
• > 15 mins will be given extra assignment
Plagiarism Policy

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Plagiarism Policy

• 1st violation – re-submit

• 2nd violation – ‘0’ mark for that particular
• 3rd violation – Failed the course
Make-up Test Policy
• Given very sparingly

• Student needs to present

– medical/ doctor’s certificate stating that student is
unfit to take exam, or
– official letter from the Faculty/University stating
that student cannot take exam due to assignments
from the University (e.g. UI athlete joining a
• Midterm test 25%
• Final test 30%
• Paragraph and summary writing 10%
• Essay writing 10%
• Article reviews 5%
• Presentation 15%
• Online workbook (CLMS) 5%

• Paragraph 1
• Summary writing 1
• Essay writing 3
• Article reviews 2
• Online workbook (CLMS) (online)
Course books
• Unlock 3: Combined skills
• Supplementary materials from SCeLE
Unlock 3: Combined Skills
Reading and Writing
• Customs and traditions
• History
• Transport
• Environment (1)
• Health and fitness

Listening and Speaking

• Animals
• Environment (2)
• Discovery and invention
• Economics
• The brain
Unlock online workbook
Unlock online workbook
What you need:

• Active email address

• Class code from the teacher
• Activation code from the book
Important information!
• Once activated, the online workbook (CLMS) is
only valid for 1 year. Should you repeat the
course, you need to take the course in the
next semester. Otherwise, you need to buy
the book to get new activation codes.
How to register
1. Open browser,
go to

2. Click register,
fill all the data
== I am a “STUDENT”
== tick box to accept
terms of use
== drag the key to the
== click REGISTER
© Cambridge University Press
Login as student
1. Open browser, go to
2. Input username & password.

© Cambridge University Press

How to access the online workbook
1. Get a ‘class code’ from your teacher.
2. Find invitation email in your inbox.

© Cambridge University Press

Class code LS:
Class code RW:
School code: 9988UNE
© Cambridge University Press
How to access the online workbook
3. In ‘my learning’ tab, find your class, and click ‘activate’.

4. Input the ‘activation code’ from your book.

© Cambridge University Press

How to access the online workbook
5. Notification after activating the product. Click ‘my learning’
so the teacher can monitor your learning progress.

© Cambridge University Press

Writing diagnostic test
Write a paragraph (100-150 words) describing
your English learning experience. You can
include descriptions about:
• how you first learnt English
• how you feel about learning English
• what you do to practice/ improve your English
skills and how useful they are
• Make a group of 4
• Write a paragraph about one topic from your
Unlocked book (Unit 1 – 5)
• Present your writing