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Vikas Dubey
Pardeep Kaushik

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I. Company Overview  Onsite communication
 MedinyX Software Solution modules
 Introduction of M-VAP  Reporting modules
II. Industry Overview IV. Add On Products
 Proposed solutions  API and Web service
III. Complete Solution  Mobile apps
 Product benefits V. Customer Support
 Our offerings  Account management
 Complete product features  Support services
 Modules
 Admin modules
 Agent modules
 Visa application processing
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Company Overview
MedinyX Software Solutions
MedinyX has had a strong focus and knowledge in
certain key industries which are driven under the
Insurance, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical Retail and
Hospitality sectors. Within these industries MedinyX
furthermore specializes under certain business lines
which make us a market leader in what we do. Our
philosophy is to assist businesses small, medium and
large by providing them with a series of innovative
solutions that are driven and built around technology and
services for them.

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Introduction of M-VAP
MedinyX Visa Application Processing System
• This software is used to process the Visa and store all the details
regarding passport holder
• The software captures biometrics data.
• This software will handle all type of visa application and issuance
and very much concentrate of
• It will generate all possible reports which is require to review &
approve visa application from consulates.
• Visa Processing agency can get MIS reports on real time basis.

Visa Processing Visa Application Visa Reports Real time

MIS Reporting
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Industry Overview
Proposed solutions
 Reduce the chances malpractice associated in manual system
 Reduce workload involved in visa processing
 One stop shop solutions to get all micro details
 Updated information system and easy access of information tools
 Ease of Operations
 Smart M-Pad Registration
 Overhead Expense Reduction
 Quick Turn Around Times One Stop Shop
 Enhanced Accuracy
 Happy Customers
 Improved Scalability with existing resources
Reduce Workload
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Complete Solution
Product benefits
Expedite Visa/Extensions/Visa Processing
 Offer intuitive on-line self service visa and Visa system which helps you
submit application online and track status in real times
 Ensure transaction consistency and accuracy through efficient automated
 Overall quicker turnaround times as compared to offline processes
Identify bottlenecks and improve performance
 Interactive Dashboards for different Users
 Export data options at all levels
 eMail/SMS Integration for instant notification
 Automated reminders for Extensions
 Automated Invoicing and Finance Model
Secure Solution Mail us for a quick
 256 bit SSL certificate across the site. demo:
 Multi-Tenant Architecture
 Best in Class Online Hosting with 99.9% uptime
 Reliable Payment Gateway Integration Powered by:
Our offerings

M-PAD Biometrics Capturing

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Complete product features
 Agent Registration
 In House User Management
 M-PAD User Registration
 Biometrics Data Capturing
 Access Control
 Visa Registration/Upload
 Visa Extension Reminders
 Extension Management / Upload
 Status Reporting
 Document Management
 Email Notifications
 Detailed Reporting
 Dashboards and Statistics
 Automatic Reminders
 Daily Logs
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Visa Application Processing system will be categorize in
following Modules:

Visa Application
Admin modules Agent modules
processing modules

Onsite communication modules Reporting modules

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Admin modules
• Admin will create access points for their
consultants and issue unique user name and
• Admin will have right to Edit, cancel of visa
• Admin can view status of visa application, visa
processing status etc
• Admin can generate all possible reports from

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Admin modules

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Agent modules
• Agent will handle all customer application directly.
• Agent will have right to collect all necessary details,
application form, original signature and all
supporting documents.
• Agent will upload all supporting documents in
application and transfer to admin for approval.
• Agent can view status of visa application, visa
processing status etc
• Agent can also generate reports from system

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Agent modules

Software image
showing the application
form and its fields
through which an agent
can easily fill application
form and upload the
necessary documents

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Visa application processing
• It is main module.
• It handles all details regarding to visa application visa submission, document
requirement and submission
• It provides Passport details
• Previous visa center visit details and application
• Last abroad visit details
• After application of visa all applicant has to go through enquires and
interview from consulates
• Consulates and representative can store all the details related to enquires
and interviews in our software
• System would be more then enough to store consulates approval/dis-
approval and intimate real-time basis to applicant

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Onsite communication modules
 This module will help to tour consultants to handle all
queries related to visa processing system including all
requirements, for example you can store other details of
customer like visa issued date, country to visit etc
 Agent/consultant onsite work progress, working period,
working place and other internal details for security

Handling queries Work progress details

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Reporting modules

 Daily /weekly/monthly visa application report

 Daily /weekly/ monthly visa approval report
 Daily /weekly/monthly visa rejection report
 Agent wise report
 Visa centre wise report
 Amount collection based on customized parameters from

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Add On Products
API and Web service
 Visa Processing Management API
 Flight Booking API
 Hotel Booking API
 Bus Booking API

Flight booking Hotel booking Bus booking

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Mobile apps

Mobile app for Flight booking Online Travel Insurance

visa application application application

Apps for all platforms

Mtalk M-Cash Card
Travel agent kiosk

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Customer Support
Account management
• One Point Contact in India, as well as in other countries
• Escalations via Phone, Chat and Email
• Instant Acknowledgements
• Best Industry Rates
• Quality Service at Competitive Rates
• 24/7 Emergency Assistance
• Account management – the personal touch – Each account
shall be dedicated a single person handling all queries
• Expense management
Consolidated billing
Bill-back and rebate facilities

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Support services

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