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Conway, SC 29528

Parents of EDSP 200

100 Chanticleer Dr E
Conway, SC 29528

in special education.
Involving parents and families
Support For Family
• Parents: Advocating For Change
• Advocate for effective education,
"At the end of the day, the communicate acceptance, needed
services, and the rights of
most overwhelming key to a individuals with disabilities.
child's success is the • Educators: Seeking Greater Effectiveness
• Maintain academic language, social,
positive involvement of self-help, recreation and locational
parents." - Jane D. Hull skills.
• Legislators: Mandating Parent and Family
• Congress made parent involvement
a key component of the Educational
of All Handicapped Children Act, the
original federal special education

Home – School Other Forms of Parent Roles for Parents

Communication Involvement • Caregiver
• Face to Face Communication -Parents as tutors: parents work with • Provider
• Parent-Teacher conferences their child at home • Teacher
• IEP meetings
• Video messages/posts -Parent education and support groups: • Counselor
• Informal meetings Ask questions about what you already • Behavior Support Specialist
know about your child as well as what
• Written Communication • Parent of Sibling with Disabilities
else you would want to learn more about
• Emails such as homework, making friends, etc. • Marriage Partner
• Home-school assignment planners
• Information Specialist
• Newsletters -Parent-Parent Groups: Talk to other
• Bulletin boards parents who have the same • Advocate
circumstances and challenges that you
• Telephone Communication
• Phone calls
• Voicemails -Parents as Research Partners: Monitor
• Hotlines
Group Members
and conduct research on your child to find
• Maggie Moore
and display the progress of your child.
• Taylor Shomaker
• Alexis Panepinto
• Alley Rivers