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A More Balanced Life:

Academic VS. Life Outside of School

Melissa Da Costa, Veronica Gizuk, Taylor Bennett & Holly Sharp

Agenda ❏ What do your peers have to say?
❏ What is a balanced life?
❏ What are the Setbacks?
❏ Why is it important?
❏ How do we fix it?
What your peers have to say:
What Would a Balanced Life Look Like?

(Teeter totter,Digital Image)

Setbacks to Achieving Balance
(Rimal, 2018)

Louisiana college students were surveyed in order to determine what stressed the students
most. (Rimal, 2018)
A mental health study by mtvU & Association Press (2008) determined that 8 out of
10 college students experience stress. Unfortunately, the numbers haven’t changed much
Academic Life VS. Finances

(Salamonson, Everett, Koch, Andrew, & Davidson, 2012)

Academic Life VS. Health
(Tired man,Digital Image) (Pawlowski, 2019) (Low immune system, 2017)

(Alcohol bottles, Digital Image) (Failing test,Digital Image)

❏ Household Chores
❏ Friends & Family
❏ Extra-Curricular Activities

(Stressed out, Digital image)

Why is Balancing Important?
“It is important to maintain the balance between studies and play,
and to remember that studying is just one activity of life. Ignoring
play for studies would certainly make your life dull and sedentary.
By sidelining play, you ignore your health and general well-being.
Health is critical even to perform optimally in academics.”

-Columbia College, 2018

Why is Balancing Important? Mental Well-Being

Physical Well-Being

Skills Outside of Academia


(Columbia Admin,
How do we achieve this?
Time Management

● Create a schedule
● Prioritize and organize
● Segment work into chunks
● Set goals and deadlines
● Honestly assess the amount of
time you procrastinate

(School life balance, 2019)

Perfection Isn’t Key

● Standards should be high, but reasonable.

● The process is just as important as the outcome.
● Mistakes should be received as opportunities for
growth and learning.
● Constructive feedback is valuable.

(School life balance, 2019)

“Strive to be a high achiever not a perfectionist”

Take Care of Yourself First
● Exercise regularly.
● Eat healthy.
● Sleep.
● Laugh.
● Make time to do things you love.
(School life balance, 2019)

(Wheel of health, Digital Image)

Have some fun
Reward yourself Learn to say ‘No”

Be where you are

Use support systems Failure is okay

Ask for help
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