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Prepared by: Rodolfo H.

Erbito IV
After this presentation, We are able to know the following:

• Learn how to make an antenna/Cellfile in Mapinfo using database.

• Convert the antenna Tabfile to KML file for Google Earth.

We need the following:

- Data base (Latest Version) whether GSM or LTE data base.

-MapInfo Software( any version)

-Google Earth
Data Base
 Consist of parameters of the site such as Cell Name, LAC,CI, Longitude,
Latitude, etc.

 is a desktop geographic information system (GIS) software product produced
by Pitney Bowes Software and used for mapping and location analysis.
MapInfo allows users to visualize, analyze, edit, interpret,
understand and output data to reveal relationships, patterns, and trends.
MapInfo allows users to explore spatial data within a dataset, symbolize features,
and create maps.

Google Earth
 is a virtual globe, map and geographical information program that was originally
called Earth Viewer 3D created by Keyhole
Why we need to make a cell file/ antenna in Mapinfo and Google Earth?

 To easy to visualize or analyze the plot that has poor

 To easy to check the antenna direction if there are terrain
and blockings.
 To easy to see the site to site distance
Open the MapInfo software and click file then open

Note: the data base should be save as or the file type

should be Microsoft Excel 97-2003 worksheet
• Open the folder where your Data Base was saved
• Change the File Of Type so that you can see your data base.
• Open your data base.
-the small box will appear
-check the box and then press OK.
Just Press OK if you see this box.

Then it will appear like this.

Click the Tool bar then Run MapBasic Program
Choose Site see then press Open
After that click the Table Bar then go to WFI site see then click Create Boundaries
After you click create boundaries small box will appear.
Just select a table which provides site information.
• Latitude
• Longitude
• Site radius (.025km or 250m) so that the sector antenna are not too small and not t
• beam width (40 degrees)
• Antenna Orientation should be azimuth from column.
• Then press OK.
After you click OK
Save it and make a new name to it.
After you saved it, open the tabfile that you created and it will turned like this.

Make the editable icon and label icon “ON” (just click it) so that you can select
All the antenna to convert it from tabfile to KML format.
To select all the antenna:
1. Zoom out the window to see all the antenna.
2. Click the marquee select arrow the drag it to select all the antenna.
3. Minimized the window.
Go again to Tool bar and click Run Map basic Program
Then Choose Mapinfo2Google and open it
The Mapinfo2Google will appear in menu bar



Note: the window should be minimized to convert it from tabfile to KML fromat.
Click the MapInfo2Google Bar the click Convert map window to KML file.
Save the KML file.

The message will appear that the converting was finished

Open the KML File to Google Earth software to see the antennas.