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Ministry of Human 1. Rina Ray

Resource Development 2. R. Savithri
1. Shabnam Sinha
World Bank 2. Marguerite Clarke
3. Karthik Pental

1. Shalendar Sharma
IPE Global Ltd.
2. Manisha Bhattacharjee

1. Surbhi Singhal
Silver Touch Technologies
2. Kalpesh Zankat
1. Sarah Iype
2. Harshit Mishra
NITI Aayog
3. Ashish Kumar
4. Sigy Thomas Vaidhyan
Striving to Transform

Grading Index

Shifting the Focus towards

School Learning Outcomes
Quality Index
The School Education Quality Index

Learning Outcomes
34% Access Outcomes

Infrastructure & Facilities for Outcomes

Equity Outcomes

Governance Processes Aiding

28% 9%


States and UTs have been categorized into

three groups to facilitate a like-to-like comparison
Data Sources

Base Year Reference

Learning & Equity Outcomes: N/A 2017-18
National Achievement Survey

Infrastructure & facilities, Access & 2015-16 2016-17

Unified District Information System for
Education (UDISE), MHRD
Governance processes: 2015-16 2016-17
MHRD’s ShaGun Portal
(State-fed indicators)
Workshops to
finalize data Independent
Data matched
to published Validation Agency
sources generated ranks
and scores

Stakeholder Validation
consultation Process
SEQI provides two types of rankings

1. Overall performance ranking = reference year index value

2. Incremental performance ranking = delta ranking

(difference between reference and base year index values)

Reference Year: 2016-17

Base Year: 2015-16
Key Results
Large States
Incremental Performance Ranking
Small States
Incremental Performance Ranking
Union Territories
Incremental Performance Ranking
Incremental Performance Ranking

Large States Small States

Rank State Rank State
1 Haryana 1 Meghalaya
2 Assam 2 Nagaland
3 Uttar Pradesh 3 Goa

Union Territories
Rank Union Territory

1 Daman & Diu

2 Dadra & Nagar Haveli
3 Puducherry
Overall Performance Ranking

Large States Small States

Rank State Rank State
1 Kerala 1 Manipur
2 Rajasthan 2 Tripura
3 Karnataka 3 Goa

Union Territories
Rank Union Territory

1 Chandigarh
2 Dadra & Nagar Haveli
3 Delhi
Way Forward
Targeted Focus Towards Achieving Learning Outcomes

Ministry of Human Resource

Development NITI Aayog
Systemic Transformation
Samagra Shiksha
through SATH-E
Aspirational Districts Program
Performance Grading

States and Union Territories

Academic Reforms
Administrative Reforms
Thank You