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January 3, 2020

Math: Complete 30 minutes of Khan Academy

*Math –We will begin our unit on decomposing and assignments. The test will be Tuesday, January
adding and subtracting fractions. We will also be adding and
subtracting mixed numbers. Our denominators will be the
same. We will have a classwork grade on Thursday, Jan. 9th.
Our test will be on Tuesday, Jan. 14th.
Vocab: Look over vocabulary words for the week.
Students will need to take home their Vocabulary
* Reading – We will begin reading Auggie and Me. We
spirals to study nightly. Words are also posted on
will also begin learning about Point of View. We will have a
grade on Point of View on Thursday, Jan. 23rd.
the blog. Our next quiz will be Friday, January
* Writing/ELA – We will begin learning about Verbs
and different verb tenses. We will also learn about helping READ! Students should be reading 10-20 minutes
verbs. We will have a classwork grade on Friday, Jan. 24th. nightly. **READING PLUS for those students
We will begin Unit 3 Vocabulary. Our first quiz will be on
on it!
Friday, Jan. 17th. We will begin with a writing prompt for
the 3rd nine weeks.
Grammar: Students can get on and
* Science – We will begin our Force and Motion and complete assignments.
Simple Machines unit. Our test will be January 30th.

• Jan. 6th - Music

• Welcome back! I cannot believe we are • Jan. 7th – Art
halfway through the year! • Jan. 8th – STEM
• Jan. 9th – PE; Report Cards go home
• I have updated our class wishlist. Our pencil • Jan. 10th – PE; House Meeting
sharpener bit the dust before the break • Jan. 13th – Music
because it fell. If anyone would like to • Jan. 14th – Art; Fire Safety Pre-Visit
donate, that would be greatly appreciated! • Jan. 15th – STEM; LC Check-out
• Jan. 16th – PE
• Don’t forget about the American Heart • Jan. 17th – PE
Challenge! • Jan. 20th – No School
• Jan. 21st – Fire Safety Field Trip: 1st day of
after school clubs