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Royal Ocean International

Room Division
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01 Divana Eka 04 M. Yasin Thabroni

02 Jihan Nurjanah 05 Sonu Apriyanto

03 Rizky Lingga
Types of Cruises
(jenis-jenis kapal pesiar.)
Mega Cruise Ship

The viewing of his name is

overwhelmed that the Mega
Cruise Ship. This rapid can be
accommodating 3000 passengers
and has a complete recreational
facilities are completely and
luxurious is the priority of the
meata ship type of ship and even
the development of science and
technology capacity in the field of
cruises, now the capacity of the
ship is classified into the type of
Mega Cruise ship can reach 5000
passenfers in one way
Luxury Cruise Ship
This one Cruise Ship is not concerned with
accommodating many passengers and the
size of the ship is classified as moderate
because what they are selling is Luxury in
every facility and accommodation in this
Luxury Cruise Ship. This type of cruise ship
is usually booked by guest who are the
richest class of people in the world or state
officials in the Arab Emirate Union as well
as the plains of Europe and America
Ocean Cruise Ship
This type of Cruise is usually prepared with all
facilities and equipment to face obstacles in
the ocean such as storm, high waves and
other bad weather of this type of ship can
safely to the world around the preparation of
the mortacring of its own ship and sailor
Small Cruise Ship (Yacht)

This one is a type of medium-sized cruise ship. The

capacity of this type of cruise is only a few hundred
people. The passengers loaded are not quite this little
because the small cruise ship is more prioritizing the
services that are closer to the closer to the
refrigenerators. Passengers who choose small cruise
ship usually tend to want a private atmosphere with
suspish sizes that are certainly always present in the
tourist package provided by the input services cruise
provider tend to be specific as ecotourism, culture, or
history cruises, conventions at sea, sea sport, singular
cruises, senior cruises, business incentive cruises etc.
The goal is also different from mega cruise ship. More
choose to be a difficult place to be reached by Mega
Cruise Ship itself.
Expedition Cruise Ship
Have you ever watched the Discovery
Channel program? Researchers and reporters
from Discovery Channel usually use these
types of cruises to sail the seas for expeditions
or special trips that are made to broadcast on
TV. Well ships like that are the Expedition
Cruise Ship class.
Thank You
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