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The the mall that galunggong built.


R E P O R T E D B Y: E S PA N O L A & V I L L A R B A
The Company

 Country’s largest galunggong supplier working in

food retailers, food products, restaurants and
seafood business activities.
 New player to in the Philippine mall industry
 A family owned establishment that offers a unique
shopping experience with products cheaper than wet
market and bigger supermarket chain.
The Company

 Irma Fishing, Inc. – Roberto Simeon Del Rosario

 Mallers Management Group – Pres. Robert
Raymond Del Rosario & Co-Chair Paul Gerard Del
Rosario (Mallers Management Group)
 Fisher Supermarket – Pres. Roberto Alfonso Del
Rosario (Fisher Foods Corporation
 Fisher Fashion Store –Aileenette Moleen Perez-Del
Rosario (President of Clothers Asia)
The Company

 Creating a Mall for Everyone

 Tagline:
 “Creating a place for each member of the family to Find All and
Be All”
Current Market Situation

 Situation Analysis, Market Trends

 Fisher Mall made an impact in the retail industry because as
per the President, they understand the needs of small-medium
enterprises starting up in retail.
 They are after the growing consumption spending in the
Current Market Situation

 Consumer Behavior
 Malls play a major role in consumers’ lifestyle and serve their
needs for socialization and recreational activities,
entertainment and even societal status.
 In 2016, the Philippines recorded an impressive economic
growth rate of 6.8%, forecasted to become an upper-middle
income country by 2022.
 The chief factors fueling the country’s current consumption
power are foreign receipts from overseas remittance and
business processing outsourcing (BPO) services.
Current Market Situation

 Final consumption expenditure of the Philippines almost

tripled in the decade up to 2015, fuels comsumer spending
Current Market Situation

 Increase in purchasing power, modern retail in the

country is expanding rapidly; hence it is projected
that by 2020 the total retail value will also increase.
Current Market Situation

 Competition
 The country's top three retailers, Ayala Land Inc., SM Prime
and Robinsons Land, are planning to launch more shopping
malls and account for the bulk of the new retail space.
 They also form partnerships with foreign retail brands to
introduce international brands into the malls.
 The retail landscape of the Philippines is already rather
competitive. Both local and foreign retailers are eyeing this
burgeoning market and have been utilizing various marketing
and promotional initiatives.
Porter’s 5-Forces Model on Fisher Mall

 Threat of New Entrants – Medium

 Presence of more established malls
 Government regulations/policies

 Buyer’s Power- High

 Variety of products/branded shops
 Strong quality of fish and affordable
 Variety of Service and products

 Supplier’s Power – High

 Own supply of fish and seafood
 Being country’s largest galunggong supplier

 Threat of Substitute
 Wet markets or bigger supermarket chains nearby
 More established malls within QC such as SM North and Trinoma

 Industry Rivalry
 Presence of more established malls
SWOT Analysis

Strength Weakness
S1 – One of the few retail W1 - Low market share in retail
companies to incorporate SMEs industry compared to their competitors
S2 - Own supply of fish and seafood W2 - Difficulty in accessing regional
products areas
S3 - Strong quality of fish at more W3 - Production capacity at medium-
affordable prices level
S3 - Have resources for expansion W4 - Consumer loyalty not yet
S4 - Fewer "pass on" cost, low price established
S5 - Differentiation of product and W5 - No control on SMEs operation
services W6 - Less popularity and reputation
S6 - Monumental increment in compared to others/competitors
economic growth W7 - Less number of branded shops
S7 - Offers a safe and secure compare to other established malls
shopping environment
SWOT Analysis

Opportunities Threats
O1 - Robust economy, growing T1 - Higher competition/presence of
middle class more established malls
O2 - Retail industry is profitable T2 - Expansion of competitors could
monopolize consumers
Q3 - Increase jobs for SMEs
O4 - Could resort to PSE if low on T3 - Inflation rates continue to
capital increase
O5 - Good competition means better T4 - Emergence of E-Commerce
product and services
O6 - Credit access for SMEs
O7 - Branch expansion (local &
O8 - Can expand w/ more number of
branded shops/int’l products to
cater class A and B
Strategic Marketing Objectives

 Maintain the reputation as country’s largest galunggong

 To become the industry standard of freshness while
maintaining more than reasonable prices
 Achieve the largest target market percentage and market
 Increase the sales and revenue

 Promote SMEs to the market

Marketing Strategy

 Target Market

 Class C & D, middle class families with total 69% share

 All kinds of shoppers
4 P’s of Marketing Mix

 Product

 Maintain supplying of wide variety of fresh and hard to find

seafood products
 SMEs as their product could be competitive advantage as there are
only few shopping mall with this kind of enterprise, majority have
foreign-branded stores
 There will have variety of affordable products and services in
different industries that can be offered to the shoppers.
4 P’s of Marketing Mix

 Price

 Serve the daily marketing needs of customers at the most and

competitive prices and maintain more than reasonable prices.

 Bargaining power of consumers with SMEs is very high.

4 P’s of Marketing Mix

 Place

 Expand their presence to residential areas, BPO centers and

terminals where they could provide shopping mall amenities
and especially small and medium enterprises.

 SMEs have closer interaction with customers, dealing more

directly to them enables to meet their needs more accurately
increasing customer visits.
4 P’s of Marketing Mix

 Promotion

 Offer one stop shop 24/7, not just opening 7am to 10pm
 Have leverage on social media: Facebook, Instagram and
 Hire social media influencers who are very specific with
reviews that can provide raw and genuine information about
the mall

 Fisher Mall will remain to its high quality standard offering a

fresher choice of fishery and agricultural products at more
affordable prices and in able to maintain its leading status in the
country’s local fish trade industry by ensuring that the product
will continuously improving and address the need of the
consumers. Leverage their existing intensive distribution channel
relationships to ensure that Fisher Mall receives the most
effective placement. Promote by investing on quality advertising
to attract more ventures, expand its network/market, expand
their presence in the supermarket, mall business, small and
medium enterprises. With SMEs, their size and simpler structure
enables them to adapt to changes and also will be able to detect
small market niches.