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1.Security design on first floor.

1.All around the wall and all the entrance doors and
windows are equipped with infrared sensing and ma
gnetic disconnection sensing system, with
360 degrees, 0.5 m and 5 seconds to stay, three-
dimensional double-
layer no dead angle monitoring! Sound and light alar
m and linkage mobile phone APP real-
time intercom monitoring! (According to the actual n
eeds of customers and the size of the housing area
of RS:200,000-1 million)

2.Garage induction license plate garage door autom

atic opening system! Vehicle installation locator and i
nternal and external monitoring system can locate th
e vehicle in real time and monitor the inside and outs
ide of the vehicle to prevent theft of the vehicle and
be damaged by humans! (RS:200,000)
2. First floor smart door lock
and function introduction.
The main entrance door smart door lock on the firs
door! The main functions:

1.Fingerprint unlock, up to 200 fingerprints can be enter

ed, and different fingerprints can be linked to different in
door intelligent scenes while unlocking!

2.Remote phone unlock! When a guest visits and the ow

ner is not at home, the guest can be remotely unlocked
by monitoring the video!

3.In addition to the fixed password unlock! You can also

set a temporary password for a certain period of time! W
hen the lock is unlocked by abnormal mode or crit, it will
automatically alarm, and the owner's mobile phone will
be detected and recorded in real time in parallel! (RS:50
3. Guest restaurant and living

1. All lights can be controlled by the phone or voice contro

l switch! (RS:200,000 square meters per floor)

2.TV, air conditioner, fan, can be adjusted by mobile phon

e or voice control switch, channel, volume, temperature, e
tc! (RS:200,000 square meters per floor)

3.Windows, curtains can be controlled by the phone voic

e control switch! It will automatically turn off if it is in the wi
nd, rains, or when there is no one in the night at night! (R
S:100,000 each set of glass, curtains.)

4.Indoor floor-to-
ceiling windows can be replaced with smart glass accordi
ng to demand, free to switch through glass, or the picture!
(RS:20,000 per square meter)
4. Kitchen equipment and
function introduction.

1.The phone can control the kitchen

refrigerator, microwave oven, induc
tion cooker, water heater and so on!

2.The kitchen is equipped with smo

ke induction, gas leakage induction,
water leakage sensing system, will
automatically cut off the gas or wate
r valve and
open the window, exhaust system
in case of gas leakage, water leaka
ge, or fire, etc ! (RS:300,000-
500,000 for kitchen systems)
5. Bedroom and bathroom.
1.The main bedroom door face recognition system, except for the male and female owners
, no one can open! (RS:50,000, 100,000, 150,000, 200,000)
2.Mobile phones and voice can control all windows, curtains, lighting, TV, air conditioning,
washing machines, water heaters, bathtubs, etc! (According to the actual needs of the own
3.The bedroom is equipped with an air quality monitoring system, such as the air quality of
the bedroom is exceeded, the ventilation and exhaust system will be automatically turned o
n! (RS:100,000)
4.The bedroom is equipped with a sleep monitoring system, which can monitor heart rate a
nd blood pressure in real time. In case of sudden situation, you can call the police at the fir
st time! (RS:100,000)

5.The bedroom is equipped with an accompanying system. If you go to the bathroom at ni

ght, you don't need to turn on the lights manually. From the moment you get out of bed, the
night light can be turned on all the way. When you go to bed, the night light will automatica
lly turn off! (RS:100,000)

6.The bathroom is equipped with a smart mirror, when you get up early, wash your face an
d brush your teeth, you can simultaneously check your weight, body fat and other health co
nditions, and broadcast the real-
time weather conditions or current news for you in real time. Also can
Play your favorite music for you! (RS:100,000, 150,000, 200,000)

7.Intelligent toilet, human body induction smart cover, smart massage, and
intelligent drying! (RS:100,000, 150,000, 200,000)
6. Open-air balcony.

Automatic washing system, auto

matic drying and UV sterilization!
In case of wind, rain or night, the
clothes rack can be automatically
retracted! (RS:100,000, 150,000,