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“BankOne Training & Certification


A 5-day Professional Development

7 – 11
October, 2019
Time: 9.00a.m. daily
To be Agreed.
600 MFBs

200 Certified 300MFBs on

professionals BankOne
existing Platform

5 personnel per MFB

1) Teller
1800 job 2) Customer Service
Opportunities 3)Operations
for Certified 4) Financial Control
Professionals 5) Management
•Accounting •BankOne •Case study

BankOne Appreciation
Basic Accounting Appreciation

Practices and Overview •Mock Exams

Entries •Postings •Certification
•Financial •Customer Mgt Examination
Statements •Credit Mgt
•Statutory •Treasury Mgt
•Fin Statements
•Payroll Mgt
•Report Mgt
• ERP Interface
 Customer Service Managers/Supervisors

 Accountants, Finance Managers & Credit Managers

 Operations Managers and Branch Managers

 Internal Audit Staff & IT Managers

 Any other Staff Operating BankOne Software

 All round knowledge of BankOne Software;
 Appreciate the Robust capabilities of BankOne;
 Skillset improves your performance/value add;
 Better decision making based on Report Management
 Reduction of Fraud and easy Detection of irregularities;
 High demand for your Knowledge & Skillset;
 Understand accounting concepts and how financial
statements are built;
 Know how to use accounting information effectively in
Days and Modules
Day One Day Two Day Three
Basic Accounting BankOne BankOne
Knowledge & Appreciation & Operations, Credit &
Entries Fundamentals Fin Mgt.

Day Five Day Four

Mock Exam BankOne
BankOne Configuration,
Certification Exam Reporting & Control
Course Module
Day One

 Overview of MFB's - current Operating Statutes

and regulations

 Basic Accounting principles for BankOne

 Introduction to BankOne

 Case Studies and Discussions

Course Module
Day Two

Bank One Application Appreciation:

 Posting

 Loans and Advances

 Administration & Approvals

 Case Studies and Discussions

Course Module
Day Three

Bank One Application Appreciation:

 Operations

 Finance and Credit Management

 Case Studies and Discussions

Course Module
Day Four

Bank One Application Appreciation:

 Configuration

 Reporting & Control

 Case Studies and Discussions

Course Module
Day Five

Mock Examination

 Certification Examination
 Mr. J. O. Obogwu, MBA, FCA, FCTI
Mr. Obogwu is an accomplished tax practitioner and a versatile
paper presenter with over a decade experience in tax
administration and general management.

 Mr. Omotola Akinwole Osunkiyesi, FIoD

He is a Finance and Management Professional with over 25 years
post graduate experience. He holds a Higher National Diploma in
Business Administration & Management and Masters in Business
Administration (MBA) in Finance. He is currently the Chairman of
Fiyinfolu Microfinance Bank Ltd.
 Mr. Olufemi Felix Moyegun, B.AGRIC, PDCA
Femi is a graduate of Agricultural Economics from Obafemi
Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State. A thorough professional
with extensive experience in Business Information & Credit
Reporting from Bradstreet [D&B] one of the biggest Credit
Reporting companies in the world. His experience spans over a
decade in different sectors of the Nigerian economy.

• Victor Ogwens

Victor is an IT-expert with strong knowledge of the operations of the

BankOne application.

He currently works as the Head of IT of a Microfinance Bank in Lagos.