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A Presentation on the success of

story of Amul – The Taste of India

Submitted By:
Name :- Rakesh Das
Division:- B
Roll No:- 119117
B.K. School of Professional
and Management Studies
• Formed in 1946 by Dr. Verghese Kurien
• It was found in Gujarat
• Brand name is taken from Sanskrit word “Amoolya”
meaning precious.
• Full name “Anand Milk Union Limited”
• Managed By Gujarat Co-Operative Milk Marketing
• Amul has spurred the white revolution in India,
which has made India the largest producer of Milk
and Milk products in the world.
Reasons for Success
Robust Supply Chain
Low Cost Strategy

Diverse Product Mix

Success!! Strong Distribution Network

Technology and E-initiatives

Robust Supply Chain
• The vast and complex supply chain

• Hierarchical Network of Cooperatives

• Stretches from small suppliers to large

fragmented markets.
Low Cost Strategy

• Amul adopted a low-cost price strategy

to make its products.

• Affordable and attractive to consumer by

guaranteeing them value for money.
Diverse Product Mix
Strong Distribution Network
• Amul Products are available in over 5,00,000
retail outlets across India.

• Amul has a network of over 3500 distributors.

• 47 Depots with dry and cold warehouses to

buffer inventory of the entire range of
Technology and E-initiatives

• New Products

•Process Technology

•Complementary assets to enhance milk


•E- Commerce
Amul Advertisement Campaign
Awards Received by Amul

•IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality

performance Excellence Trophy-2018
•Amul wins World Dairy Innovation Award,2018
Amul Dairy, Anand received APEDA Export Award for the year
2011-12 for its outstanding contribution in the export of Dairy
products across the globe. ‘Silver Trophy’ & a Citation was
presented at the 21st Annual APEDA Award function in
New Delhi on 26th Nov 2014


AWARD 2016
Amul Dairy, Anand received Golden Peacock
Eco-Innovation Award for the year 2016 for
“Bio-CNG Generation & Bottling Plant from
Dairy Effluent”
• Dairy Excellence Award 2015-16 National Level
Amul Dairy, Anand received Dairy Excellence Award for
the year 2015-16 in recognition of ‘Management Excellence’
by Dairy Cooperatives in the category of Large Size Dairy
Cooperatives at an Award function held at NDDB Campus,
Anand, Gujarat on 26th September 2017.