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February 13th, 2020

*Math –When we return from our February Break we will be

learning about Geometry. The standards are 4.G.1, 4.G.2, and 4.G.3.
We will begin with symmetry. We will have a classwork grade on
symmetry and lines on Tuesday, March 3rd. We will have a classwork
Math: Complete 30 minutes of Khan Academy
grade on all Geometry on Tuesday, March 10th. Our test will be assignments. Classwork grades on 3/3 and 3/10.
Friday, March 13th. Test on 3/13.
* Reading – We will finish reading Auggie and Me. There will be a
test once we finish the book. We will review first and students may use Vocab: Look over vocabulary words for the week.
their Reading Spirals. We will begin learning about primary and
secondary sources (A.K.A. firsthand and secondhand accounts. next
Students will need to take home their Vocabulary
week. We will have a grade on this on Wednesday, March 11th. spirals to study nightly. Words are also posted on
* Writing/ELA – We will begin learning about quotations. We the blog. We have a quiz on Weeks 5 & 6
will have a classwork grade on Tuesday, March 10th. We will continue tomorrow. Our last quiz will be on Weeks 7 & 8 on
Unit 3 Vocabulary with Week 7 when we return. We will also begin Friday, March 6th.
learning how to compare and contrast between two readings to write a
* Social Studies – We will begin learning about the Civil War. READ! Students should be reading 10-20 minutes
We will have several classwork grades, but not an overall test. nightly.
Classworks grades will be – abolitionists on 2/27 or 2/28, Leaders grade
on 3/4, Battles crosswords on 3/4, Brainpop and Civil War quiz on
3/11, and a vocabulary grade on 3/12. Students will have notes and
Grammar: Students can get on and
study sheets in their binders to review for this. complete assignments.

• Progress Reports go home today. Please look

over with your child. I ONLY NEED THESE
back if your child made a C or below in a subject • Feb. 14th - PE; Valentine’s Day; No ASA
area. • Feb. 17th – 21st - Winter Break
• Don’t forget to bring in Valentine’s and • Feb. 24th – Music
Valentine’s day boxes tomorrow. We will pass • Feb. 25th – Art
out throughout the day and have a treat and • Feb. 26th – STEM
look at our Valentine’s after Specials. • Feb. 27th – PE, Picture Day, Talent Show
• Also tomorrow is a Pink Out day for • Feb. 28th – PE; House Meeting
Valentine’s. Wear your pink, red, or a color close • March 2nd – Music, No Target
for Valentine’s Day • March 3rd - Art
• Just a reminder that next week is February • March 4th – STEM, L.C. Check out
Break. I hope everyone has a relaxing break! • March 5th – PE, 2nd Grade Assembly
• March 6th – PE, Target