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A yoga studio is a room, building or other place where yoga classes and guidance occur.

It tends to be as basic as a solitary

room or as intricate as a structure with different classrooms with worked in props and warmed humidified spaces for Hot yoga.
 Yoga is beneficial for physical as well mental fitness.
 Yoga is just not an exercise but its more than it.
 Built harmony between body and mind

Major physical benefits

 Increase flexibility of the body
 Increase muscle strength
 Improved respiration, energy and vitality
 Maintaining a balanced metabolism
 Weight loss
 Improved athletic performance

Major mental benefits

 Give mental clarity
 Clams the mind
 Increases body awareness
 Relieves chronic stress patterns
 Sharpen concentration
8 Types of Yoga

 Vinyasa YogaVinyasa” means linking breath with movement. The postures are usually done in a
flowing sequence..
 Ashtana Yoga-identified asthanga as traditional Indian yoga
 Iyengar yoga-breath control with asana…breath control through pranaya and use props
 Bikram yoga-class consist 26 yoga postures and 2 breathing exercise
 90minutes in hot room with 105celciusu
 Jivamukti yoga-incorporates with Sanskrit chanting
 Power yoga-more active approach to traditional hatha yoga
 Sivananda yoga-practice based on 12 basic postures asana with sun solutions n no music
 Yin yoga-meditation
Innerpeace Yoga Studio not only teaching yoga but we utilise the studio for more than purpose such as
conducting Zumba, Aerobics,(Kick-boxing),tabata,traditional dance, belly dance and so on

Innerpeace yoga studio spilt the classes into categories such as specifically designed our services for;
 Working Class Adults / Corporate Executives
 Sports Club (Cheerleaders and Choreographers)
 Kids
 About Wedding Couples
 Business People/Entrepreneurs
 Government officials
 Pregnancy mum
 Our vision is to build a highly competitive and effective yoga studio business that will become the
number one choice for both individuals and corporate organizations in Malaysia and in other countries
where we intend opening our branches or selling our franchise.
 Our mission is to provide affordable professional and highly effective yoga elated trainings and
service to a wide range of customers that cuts across different divides. Our overall business goal is
to position InnerpeaceYoga Studio to become one of the leading Yoga Studio brand in the industry
in whole Malaysia and also to be amongst the top 10 Yoga studio brand in the US and Canada
within the first 5years of fully running the business.
 We value the practice of yoga fro the social,emotional,physical,intellectual, and community health
and well-being it supports
 We value community in every studio and amongst our studios owner and corporate team
 We value the health of the studio environment and the health of the environment as a whole
 No business plan
 Choosing a bad location
 Lack of marketing
 Poor staff and management skills
 Community
 schedule
 Have to pre plan before running a business such as construction,funds,and so on
 Changing a location which can help customers such as
 Convenient parking
 A safe environment where people aren’t worried about dropping of their children or jogging from their
 The interior building must include
 A lobby
 Bathrooms
 A place storage
 A business office
 We simply wont get students without good marketing
 Send out email or postcards
 Give something special gift if coming to the first class
 Encourage them with vouchers
 Schedule an open house
 Consider what type of staff we need
 Give the staff some assistance to train others
 Make sure the staff that we choose not far from the location.
 I found that the teachers and the relationships they built with their students were the
lifeblood of the place. At the beginning of each class, there was a palpable excitement in
the air as new and old friends got together to share something special. Without forcing the
issue, a community was born.
 Schedule should b very neat and should not have problems for students to skip the classes
and do not change the schedule each and every time
Yoga helps in self discipline and self control, leading to immense amount of awareness ,concentrations and
higher levels of consciousness.

 To enable all to have a good health

 To practice mental hygiene
 To posses emotional stability
 To integrate moral values
 To attain higher level of consciousness
Yoga classes risks have to note
 Lack of guidance
As a yoga practitioner, many try to practice yogic exercises without guidance. Just seeing the video tutorials is
not enough because while practicing postures, you will need a Teacher or Guide to help you out to correct your
alignment and poses. Each step of Yoga Poses is to be performed rightly in order to get the benefits of yoga
poses in particular

 Lack of planning and time management

major risks of yoga is that people practice different poses in an unplanned way. The yogic sequence is
something you should never undermine or overlook. Each step is significant to pose, and if you do not follow
them accordingly, you are more vulnerable to get hurt during the practice.
A time scheduling each yoga pose is crucial while exercising yoga. This is what most people fail to heed to.
 Skipping to advanced level
Way to the top is at the ground level, in a rush to learn quickly, many practitioners wind themselves with injuries
by exercising the complicated yoga poses.

 Pre and post medical conditions

If you are a Heart Patient, Arthritic Patient, or have undergone an orthopedic surgery in the past, some yoga styles
are not meant for you.
If your health was at risk before, exercising some of the yoga bends and stretches can regrow your troubles.
You should avoid practicing following yoga exercises if you are a heart patient or suffering from a spinal injury.
 Wheel Pose
 Plow Pose
 Shoulder Stand
 Ear Closing Pose
 Head Stand
 Simple Inverted Pose
Challenges in managing yoga studio
 Maintain a positive cash flow

 Marketing yoga studio

Major challenges
you need to offer a variety of classes to attract students. For example, some of your older students may not enjoy hot yoga so
you can offer hatha, vinyasa, iyengar and other types of yoga. It is important to diversify offerings to attract a healthy
number of students to keep your business afloat.
 Facebook marketing
imply boosting your business page using precise geo-targeting can give you some instant results. When anyone interacts with
your post or page and shares, likes or comments, you are getting more eyes on whatever you are promoting as well as your
yoga studio.
 Find good tutors

 Automation
To keep your yoga studio running smoothly and to make informed business decisions, you need to keep track of a lot of
reports: from new membership sign-ups to class bookings, attendance, revenue by teacher, revenue by item (if you sell
products at your studio
You can also set different pay rates for different classes and different teachers, or simply grant access to individual teachers
to manage their classes from the platform.