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What is an ISP

• Telecommunication networks that

connects a computer to the Internet
Examples: PLDT, Globe, Smart, Sun

What is a web browser?
• Web browsers are applications or
software that allows us to see Web sites
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
What is the www
• Collection of websites

What is a web site?
• a web site is a collection of Web pages
connected with each other through

What is a hyperlink
• Hyperlinks are used to link pages within a Web
site and also create link from one Website to
other Web sites
• commonly underlined texts or graphics that
move a user from one website to another
• and words without being underlined and in a
different color from blue can be made into a

What is a web page?
• A web page is a data file so in many ways is
not different from a Word document or a
• A web page is a single unit of information,
often called a document that is available via
the World Wide Web (WWW)
• Web pages can contain text, images, sound
and video files, and hypertext links to other
Internet resources
What is HTML?
• Hypertext markup language is the main file that
makes up a web page
• Hypertext is the technical term for the way you
can jump from one part of a passage of text to
another, or to a different passage altogether
• All web pages has the extension name .html
What is an HTML line
A simple HTML line may have six
• start tag
• Elements
• attributes of the elements
• values of the attributes
• content
• end tag
< p align = “left”> This is a paragraph. </p>
End tag

• are the basic coding units in the HTML
• keywords or phrases that are enclosed by
angle brackets < >
• are not case sensitive but it is a good
practice to keep all the letters in one case

• The main difference between a start
tag <p> and an end tag </p> is the
/ character

NOTE: Forgetting to close tags is a

syntax error.

9 - 10
• located between the start and end tag
• is the text that is displayed on a Web

9 - 11
• The start and end tags contain the
HTML element
• An element in a start tag may or may
not have an attribute
• An attribute is simply an added feature
to the element or a characteristic of an
9 - 12
NOTE: Attributes are only used in the
start tag, never on the end tag

9 - 13
• <html>
• <head>
• <title> It names your web page </title>
• </head>
• <body> Page content, includes text,
images, links and forms</body>
• </html>

9 - 14
• Every HTML document begins with the
html tag and ends with the </html> tag.
This basically tells a Web browser that the
document is an HTML document
• In between the <html> tags are the
<head> and <body> tags
• The <head> tag comes immediately after
the <html> start tag, and in between the
<head> tags are special HTML tags such
as the <title> tag

9 - 15
• The <body> tag immediately follows
the </head> end tag. In between the
body tags are the information that
appears in the main white space portion
of a Web browser
• In between the HTML tags are the text
that will be displayed on the Web page

9 - 16
Guidelines to consider in developing a
• Identify the purpose and goal of your

9 - 17
• Informational
• Entertainment
• Commerce
• Communications

9 - 18
• What is the company about?
• What are you selling?
• How much do the products cost?
• Where can I get more information
about a specific product?
• Why is your company better than the
• How can I contact you?
9 - 19
• Certain studies have shown that people
have abandoned the purchasing process
because of the following:
• Viewers could not find the product
they were looking for.
• Viewers could not find detailed
information about the product.

9 - 20
• Web sites were asking too many
questions on the purchase form
• Viewers needed to make a phone call
during the buying process, requiring a
person to disconnect from the Internet.
• Viewers could not find, or were not
satisfied with the return policy.

9 - 21
• Know your competition, identify their
strength and weakness, and use this
information to design a better Web site.
• Organize your site, how information will
be arranged and presented to your
• Understand the concept of usability.

9 - 22
• Understand the World Wide Web, and
how to partner with other Web sites to
achieve your objective.

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