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And Liberal
By Group 4
What is Socialist
Socialist internationalism,
social and economic
doctrine that calls for public
rather than private ownership
or control of property and
1 natural resources.
Socialism holds that only
4 by granting the state total
economic and political
power can economic
progress and equality among
citizens be attained.
Liberal Internationalism, cluster of
ideas derived from the belief that
international progress is possible, where
progress is defined as movement
toward increasing levels of harmonious
cooperation between political
Difference Between
Socialist Internationalism and
Liberal Internationalism
Socialist Internationalism Liberal Internationalism
Socialists view the individual as Liberalism, on the other hand,
inseparable from society, and simply part has a more individualistic view of
of the social groups to which they belong. society. They believe that as each
The market economy is viewed as person is unique and has rights, and
unfair because the means of production that people have the opportunity to
would be concentrated in the hands of make their own choices.
the owners of capital, who create profit Liberals believe in meritocracy –
for themselves out of the systematic basically all humans have the same
exploitation of workers, since they are opportunity to develop their own
not doing the labor themselves. skills and abilities, and to make it big
Competition is mostly viewed as a or fail in society.
way to promote greed and aggression. Competition is viewed as a
Because it would be better that people positive aspect of human nature, and
could work for the good of the the market economy is viewed as the
community and therefore developed a best way to properly distribute
sense of empathy for others, they would resources to meet people’s need.
rather have the means of production
owned collectively instead of by the few.

Aspecto, Joyce Anne

Atienza, Quier Harold
Evangelista, Alyssa Everlyn
Mamisay, Charles
Moresca, Cedrix Jann