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MCD2040 Exam T2 2019

2 hours and 10 minutes

Weight: 50%
Hurdle: 50%
MCD2040 Tri 2 2019 Exam Format – 2 hours & 10 mins long
SECTION A – 40 marks total
•There is 1 scenario with 3 questions. Each questions has two parts
•You must answer ONE question (both parts). Each part is worth 20 marks
•The questions will ask you to identify a problem and a recommendation
(similar to what you have had to do in the assignment) using theory or
concepts from certain weeks to analyse and justify.
SECTION B – 60 marks total
•There are 2 case studies with a total of 6 questions (15 marks each)
•You must answer ONLY 2 out of 3 questions for each case study
•Each question will be different and based on a different theory

How much should I Write? How much time should I spend?

10 minutes at beginning to read the exam

SECTION A – 40 marks total
•Using TEEL
•Your answer should be 3 to 4 pages long, perhaps even longer
•Spend 40 minutes for the question: 20 mins for part (a) and 20 mins for part (b)

SECTION B – 60 marks total

•Using TEEL
•Each answer should be 1 to 2 pages long
•Spend 15 minutes per question

This leaves you with 20 minutes at the end of the exam to reread your answers and check to see if you have
answered questions correctly or if there is more that you want to add.
Revision Items: released Week 11

•Revision PowerPoint (this one) outlining which theories will be on the exam
•The Exam’s scenarios and case studies
•Revision Questions to help with understanding the theories, these questions will NOT be on the
•Practice exam- do this at home, time yourself and see if you can answer the questions in the
exam time. These scenarios and case studies will NOT be the same as what is on the exam and the
questions will be different.
•Review your inclass tests and your feedback from your teachers
•Learning objectives at the beginning of every lecture there is a slide “This week we will learn..”
review it, see if you know those things and if you can explain them.

Exam Date & Time

23 September 2019

Check what room you’re in!
Make sure you write your student ID number
on the front of the Exam test paper AND
Answer Booklet. 5

• The information of the content on the exam is ONLY for the

MCD2040 Tri 2 2019’s Exam

• The deferred exam will cover ALL of the course content therefore if you
do not sit the Exam to be held on the 23rd September then

you will need to ensure you study ALL of the

course content.

Section A – Scenario

Students must attempt ONE question from the three questions on the one
scenario. Each questions has two parts: part (a) and part (b).
Students must answer both parts of the question they choose.

The topics the three questions will be on are from:

•Employee Wellbeing (Week 10)
•Motivation and Leadership (Week 5)
•Control (Week 6)
It is recommended you study ALL topics to prepare you.
You DO NOT get extra marks if you answer more than one question.

Section B – Case Study 1

The topics the three questions will be on are from:

•Workforce Diversity & Managing for Inclusion (Week 8)

•Managing in and beyond corporations (Week 3)
•Managing Information & Decision Making (Week 7)

Students must choose 2 out of the 3 questions for this case study.
It is recommended you study all the topics to prepare you.
You DO NOT get extra marks if you answer all three questions.

Section B – Case Study 2

The topics the three questions will be on are from:

•Managing in and beyond corporations (Week 3)

•Motivation and Leadership (Week 5)
•Workforce Diversity & Managing for Inclusion (Week 8)

Students must choose 2 out of the 3 questions for this case study.
It is recommended you study all the topics to prepare you.
You DO NOT get extra marks if you answer all three questions.

•References are not needed but for some theories you should know who the
theorist is. For example: POLC was written by Fayol.
•Indicate question number clearly in the Answer Booklet (must correspond to
the number on the question paper)
•Start EACH new question on a new page and write in paragraphs
•The questions will be specific so you will know if you need to provide a
recommendation or if you simply need to discuss the current situation.
•Read the question CAREFULLY and make sure to do what it asks you to do.
•Write legibly and attempt to use TEEL/paragraph structure
•Bullet points are not allowed


• You need a minimum of 50% from the final examination to be ‘eligible’

to pass the unit (25 marks out of 50)
• An overall mark of 50% or more is needed to pass the unit
• Aim HIGH!
• In the past:
Students who aimed just to pass the hurdle found it difficult to pass
the course with their total marks.
Students who were on a HD before the exam failed the course as they
did NOT pass the exam hurdle.

Have you looked at Moodle?

Under the Exam Revision folder there are:

o Videos on preparing for exams

o Revision questions
o 2018 Practice exam
o The Exam’s actual scenarios and case studies

Learning resources
• Relevant chapters from the textbook (see unit guide)
• Lecture Notes available on Moodle in the Weekly Folders
• Interesting Stuff may help you understand further
• Feedback received from your tutors
o Informal (in tutorial discussions)
o Formal - from Quizzes, Tests and the assignment
• Practice examination on Moodle
 Complete it in 2 hours with no assistance from textbook or other
• Videos on Exam Revision and preparing for exams

Tips on studying the content

Ever wonder how to study most effectively?

o Remove ALL distractions
o Begin with course materials in front of you
o Open your textbook chapter and your lecture slides for the week to the – Learning
o This is what you need to know
o Read your content
 Textbook
 Notes
 Lecture slides
o Can you answer the objectives?


•Write the answers down – don’t just assume you know it & time
o Most students struggle in their first year at uni with time management in their
exams. Practising under strict time conditions is the only way you’re going to
•You won’t get the exact questions that are on the practice exam
so think about:
“What else could the exam ask me on that topic?”

•Next trimester MCD2040 will have different material.
o New Scenarios & Case Studies in Class
o New Assignment Case Study & Format
o New online quiz questions
o Some weeks will have different readings

•You do not want to have to repeat the course!

•Therefore.. Study hard to pass this trimester..
•But you can do BETTER than a pass!

Aim for a HD!

Finally, from all of the MCD204 Teaching Team:
‘We wish you good luck on all of your exams!’


The focus is Revision – do not miss class!

As there are no other opportunities to ask for help.