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` A process allowing organizations to

concentrate limited resources on the
greatest opportunities to increase sales
and achieve a sustainable competitive

` Customer satisfaction ±> Essence of

marketing strategy.


` Veading Car manufacturer based in

Wolfsburg, Germany from 1937.

` VOV WAGEN means People¶s car.

` Parent Co. of leading

car brands like koda,
Audi, Vamborghini .

u §ndian subsidiary of Volkswagen AG.

u Entered §ndian market in 2001 with

brand ± koda Octavia.

u Parent Co. of Volkswagen §ndia Private

Vimited (Volkswagen §ndia) and
Volkswagen Group ales §ndia Private
Vimited (VG§PV).

u Vaunched Audi and Volkswagen brand in


u Offered 15 different models under
brand names koda, Audi and
Volkswagen, as of late 2009.

u 2007 - Passat
u 2008 - Jetta
u 2009 - Beetle
u 2009 - Touareg
u 2010 - Polo
u 2010 - Phaeton

u Vow brand awareness.

u Too narrowed niche marketing(2% of
u tiff competition.
u High priced portfolio.
u Previous tagline - ³Aus Viebe zum
Automobil´ - For the love of the

u Primarily used print media to

promote its products.

u Catered premium and upper

premium segment

u Product range started from around

Rs. 25,00,000.

u eparate distribution channels for

each of its brands.

u §n Nov. 2009, VW launched an
integrated 360 communication
campaign, conceptualized by DDB
u Rs 8-10 crore for print, Rs 10 crore
for outdoor and digital and Rs 20
crore for TV ads.
u Tagline ³Das Auto,´ German for ³The
Car´ and ³German Engineering,
Made for §ndia´


` To raise brand awareness.

` To cater masses along with classes.
` To increase sales volume & overtake
` To promote as a brand offering
people different cars at different
stages of their lives.

u 17,692 television spots across 47

channels in 16 genres.
u 144 insertions in leading dailies.
u 50 insertions in magazines.
u 280 sites as
µout of home¶ medium.
u Booked 23 websites.
u A young boy in a VW showroom
deciding on the cars that he wants to
'book in advance' at various stages
of his life.
u Today kids are bold enough to ask
for what they want.

u Meant to drive brand awareness

rather than "purely sales driven´.

u Emphasis on the brand as a whole,

not on the individual cars.

u Highly competitive
advertisement expenditure

Each brand addresses different

audiences and has a different brand

uPassat Overwhelming comfort

uJetta For dynamic performers
uBeetle Recreating legends
uTouareg Road dominating
uPolo Made in §ndia
uPhaeton Handcrafted luxury


u Planning to enter country¶s pre-

owned car segment by 2012 after
u Co-presenting sponsor for the §CC
T20 World Cup 2010 for Rs12-13
u Promised 200 seconds of ads per
match @ Rs.3lac/10sec.

u Operates Franchises in Delhi,

Mumbai, Bangalore and now adds
Chandigarh, Vudhiana, Hyderabad,
Gurgaon etc.
u §ntense training to dealers in
management of sales, service, spare
parts and business systems to
increase customer satisfaction.


` VW known globally for its iconic

brand campaigns.
` Challenge is to transfer that
greatness in §ndia as well.
` Car not only the soul of German
engineering, but also about the
democratization of innovation.