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– The interrogative (or interrogatory) mood is used for asking questions.

– In English, questions are considered interrogative
– It is used by the speakers to ask question.
– Question mark (?) is placed at the end of the sentence.

E.G : "Will you leave me alone now?“

– One marker of the interrogative is that frequently the speaker inverts the
subject-verb order by placing the helping verb first, before the subject:

"Will you leave me alone?" instead of "You will leave me alone."


– Has anyone seen my torch?

– What's the capital of Peru?
– Shall we ask Simon or Jonesy?
Beware Sentences with
Indirect Questions
A statement with an indirect question is a declarative sentence and not an
interrogative sentence. For example:

- I wonder if I'll ever find my torch.

- Sarah asked whether anybody had seen her torch.

These are declarative sentences. They are statements not questions.

Types of Question

– Yes/No Questions.

Is it raining?
Do you want to eat?
Can you do that?

(The answer to a yes/no question will be yes or no.)

– "Question Word" Questions.

Why are you bored?
What is your name?
When is he going to arrive?
– Choice Questions.

Do you want salsa dip or cheese dip?


– It is a state of prohibition, advice, request, instruction or command.

– It is only found in present tense.
– In many circumstances, using the imperative mood may sound blunt or even
rude, so it is often used with care

– "Paul, do your homework now“

– "Give me back my money."
– “Finish him now!”

– Empty the bin, John.

(This is a verb in the imperative mood.)
– John empties the bin.
(This verb is not in the imperative mood. It is in the indicative mood.)

– The main verb (i.e., the finite verb) in an imperative sentence will be in the
imperative mood. In other words, it will be a command or a polite request.
Verbs in Imperative Mood ?

Here are some more examples of verbs in the imperative mood (shaded):

Get out!
Stop the bleeding.
I am going to cross the field. Shout when you see the bull.

1. Clear this desk by tomorrow!

2. Can you tell me what material she likes?
3. Please tidy your room.
4. Drive to the roundabout and then turn left
5. She asked whether I liked her dress.
6. Could you fetch me when the alarm beeps?
7. There are five million people at risk.
8. Did she ask whether I found my torch?
9. London is the capital of England.
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